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Overland - 'S.I.X'


You could call this a match made in heaven, you could call it an album of pure AOR class, you could call it the dogs dangly bits. All three would be appropriate, all three would be accurate. The reason behind this is that Steve “Golden Voice” Overland, Work Of Art’s Robert Säll, Bob Richards and Chris Cliff have joined together to record what is probably, well in my book anyway, 2023’s best pure AOR album! The twelve songs found on ‘S.I.X’ (fourteen if you buy the vinyl) were all written by Säll and Overland, and they can be filed under moniker of some of the best songs these two gentlemen have written in quite some time. A bold assertion, seeing as who these two men write and play for in their day jobs, but true all the same.

Still not convinced? Press the play button on your CD and you will be. ‘One Touch’ sets the ball a rolling, and as soon as the first chorus hits, you’ll know just what a fantastic musical treat you’re in for. Killer vocals, natch; Säll on fire with the guitar, and a rhythm section to die for usher in this superb album. The catchy as chicken pox ‘Disconnected’ follows, then comes the hard edged ‘Together Alone’ and ‘I Hear Your Voice’ which makes the hair on the back of your neck stand up, with Overland excelling as only he can. Then there’s ‘Last Breath’ and ‘Really Makes You Wonder’ which has a real FM vibe to thoroughly enjoy, both vying for best hook on the CD. ‘Things Will Never Be The Same’ is a huge power ballad where Overland shines, chills once again, while ‘From Now On’, ‘Under The Blood Red Sky’ and ‘Walk With Me’ close out one of 2023’s most impressive Melodic Rock releases.

When AOR is performed to these nosebleed heights, with songs, playing and production all done to the highest of standards, it’s untouchable. ‘S.I.X’, for any lover of the genre, is a no brainer, but it throws up a question. That question being, why is much of our beloved AOR so bland and boring these days, and why does it take a bunch of older chaps (sorry guys) to show all the whipper-snappers just how it’s supposed to done? Buy!


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