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Bex Marshall - 'Fortuna'


This is a very enjoyable album with an assorted mixture of songs... and no fillers.

This album was released in March 2024, ten years since this British Blues Rock guitarist and vocalist released ‘The House Of Mercy’ album. She had, prior to that, released two other albums, that at the time received rave reviews from the Blues community. In 2014, she was asked to be the “Voice Of Janis” for Big Brother and The Holding Company’s UK tour. Marshall is currently in the middle of a UK tour, before she moves on to play selected dates in Europe. Joining her on the album are Toby Baker (keyboards), Robert Eugene Daniels (bass), Richie Stevens (drums) and BJ Cole (Dobro); sadly, Daniels passed away during the recording. This fourth album was produced and engineered by Nick Hunt, and recorded at Snake Pit Studios in London.

Opener ‘Preaching To The Choir’, the current single, has a lovely mixture of Blues, Rock and Funk vibes, with sweet Gospel backing vocals. ‘Dirty Water’ starts slow with an a cappella vocal, before breaking into a rocker with a very nice guitar solo. ’I Can’t Look You In The Eye’ has Marshall’s gritty vocals, and features slide guitar on this moody Blues-Rock song. Following on is ‘5 A.M.’; a slow bluesy ballad with exquisite keyboards, delicate guitar and strong vocals. ‘Jungle’ is a Rockabilly tune, with impressive slide guitar and tasty piano playing, whilst ‘Table For One’ is a mid-paced track with gravelly vocals, a chiming piano solo and Hammond organ. ‘Fortuna’ is a fast-paced guitar instrumental with superb drumming and funky bass work.

‘Lay Down N Die’ starts with a Texas (ZZ Top) type of intro, and carries on to be a fantastic slab of Blues-Rock with a great guitar riff and splendid vocals. The final two tracks are ‘Scrapyard Dog’, which is a laid-back, dirty Blues track with nice harmonies and delectable keyboards, and ‘When It’s Gone’, which is a tribute to Daniels; a pleasant Country/Southern Rock tune with lovely backing vocals on the chorus and Coles’ superb Dobro playing.

Marshall has a superb, gritty and dirty voice that is perfect for the songs on this album. She is also a very good guitar player. This is a very enjoyable album with an assorted mixture of songs... and no fillers.


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