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Our weekly podcast features discussion on Rock & Metal topics. cool music and the occasional guest!

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Pyrotechnics Episode 19 (Fireworks Rock & Metal Magazine)
Fireworks Rock & Metal Magazine

Pyrotechnics Episode 19 (Fireworks Rock & Metal Magazine)

Welcome to the Rock & Metal music show for enthusiasts by enthusiasts. Because we know you love it as much as we do! Host Pete Arnett and co-hosts Dave Cockett and James Gaden return with a bigger, better, revamped show as they discuss Concert Ticket Prices - Fair Or Not? Meet & Greets - Are They Worth It? Do you agree with their answers and arguments? The guys also suggest what to listen to, and who will get the quiz question right. Pete also sets them a new challenge, the alternate hair band (not sponsored by any leading shampoo product!) As well as all this, we have new segments - "Views On The News", "Sixty-Second Sound Off" and "The Lyric Game". Two great songs from Remedy and Black Country Communion are intermixed with all this. Please like and subscribe. It helps us to grow as a channel. All views in this programme are from the individual and do not necessarily reflect those of Fireworks Rock & Metal Magazine. Title & Closing Music: Music from #Uppbeat (free for Creators!): License code: IRNWHNNJSNTDKBSC Issue ⁠#106⁠ of Fireworks Rock & Metal Magazine is out now. Order it at Firefest and Tower Of Fire tickets are available NOW. Order yours from Please be aware that this episode contains adult language. #rock⁠ ⁠#metal⁠ ⁠#rockmusic⁠ ⁠#metalmusic⁠ ⁠#musicmagazine⁠ ⁠#music⁠ ⁠#rockmagazine⁠ ⁠#metalmagazine⁠ ⁠#musicreview
Pyrotechnics Episode 14 (Fireworks Rock & Metal Magazine)