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Art Of Anarchy - 'Let There Be Anarchy'


A very impressive, modern sounding Power Metal album that contains some great innovative guitar work.

‘Let There Be Anarchy’ is the third release from Power/Heavy Metal supergroup Art Of Anarchy, the current project of ex Guns N’ Roses and Sons Of Apollo guitarist Ron “Bumblefoot” Thal. The previous releases featured both Scott Weiland (RIP) and Scott Stapp respectively, but for this outing the band has recruited none other than Bumblefoot’s SOA vocalist Jeff Scott Soto, which I believe was an inspired choice. The line-up is completed with Jon Votta on guitar, Vince Votta on drums and Tony Dickinson on bass.

The musical style has now taken a sometimes darker and heavier approach. First single ‘Villified’ casts a nod to the Joker movie, with the band using the same location as where the Joker performed his dance scene. This also gives an insight into the lyrical imagery used throughout the album.

Containing ten tracks, the album kicks off with the epic ‘Die Hard’, a fast-paced rocker that builds slowly from a movie score-like introduction, before an eruption of sound blasts from the speakers as the band get into their groove; it takes the listener on a journey with many twists and turns before the piano outro almost eight-minutes later.

Next track, ‘Echo Your Madness’, gets straight to the point right from the off, with its heavy guitar riff and police sirens in the background. First single ‘Vilified’ is up next; a less frenetic affair with minimal guitar backing for the verses and a heavy power chord crunch for the chorus, though I would have preferred the “Joker” audio clips had been left off and the listener left to make their own connection. ‘Bridge Of Tomorrow’ has a lighter, acoustic sound contrasting with a heavier, more intense chorus not a million miles from Red Hot Chilli Peppers territory.

‘Rivals’, ‘Dying Days’ and ‘Disarray’ are heavy rockers that grab you by the back of the neck and give you a good shake, whereas songs like ‘Writing On The Wall’ and ‘The Good, The Bad, And The Insane’ are really broody, dark and intense. ‘Blind Man’s Victory’ combines elements of the lighter and heavier styles through the verses and chorus.

A very impressive, modern sounding Power Metal album that contains some great innovative guitar work. JSS’ voice is immense , and copes effortlessly with the

material. Let’s hope album four bucks the vocal musical chairs trend.


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