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THE IDIOTS Celebrate Album Release Day With Brand New Music Video!

The Idiots Photo
Photo Credit: Benito Barajas

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Iconic punk metal act THE IDIOTS is celebrating the release of their tenth studio album, "König der Idioten", that is out now on Massacre Records! With "König der Idioten" (engl. King of Idiots), THE IDIOTS are screaming for a better world. Lyrically, as musically, this album is certainly the most extreme and heaviest THE IDIOTS album to date. The explosive mixture of words, music, energy, and anger offers fans and listeners a musical firework of a special kind. It should be liberating, awakening, thought-provoking, but of course also spread power, joy, and energy. On "König der Idioten", THE IDIOTS embody what they feel, think, and live for! Every note, every word is lived by them, celebrated with devotion and is full of authenticity. Be it helping the homeless, fundraising for flood victims, supporting the Sea Shepherd organization or calls and actions for rescuing and supporting clubs, print media, bands and the whole cultural scene - THE IDIOTS put their heart and soul into it. "We stand and fight for respect, diversity, human rights, nature, and animal welfare! Also, we stand up against oppression and any kind of dictatorships and for minorities."

To celebrate their new album in style, today, the band has unleashed a new music video for the song "SchwArz"! The clip is now premiering here:

Frontman Sir Hannes Smith reveals: "Some of us had a difficult childhood and were extremely beaten up by our parents; in kindergarten fists flew during fights, there were gangs of kids, friends lost their eyes in stone fights and for the teachers you were a guinea pig and were only bullied, if you were different than the others and not a yes-person.

Already at the age of three, I noticed that I was drifting more and more away from the real world and started creating my own world. First in my imagination only, and later I painted my vintage car-themed wallpaper completely black and stuck the "Dark Side Of The Moon" pyramid on it. I listened to the wacky early albums of Pink Floyd, to Hawkwind (I already liked Lemmy's voice back then), Deep Purple, Uriah Heep, Zappa, and Yes, which I saw live at the age of 12.

When I was 13 years old, I always had my ear glued to the British radio station and discovered punk for myself. It was no longer possible to live at home, and I lived as a homeless person in Berlin, Hamburg, London, Cologne and Dortmund. This homeless time from 13-18 years brought also many dark, morbid and black sides with suicidal thoughts, alcohol & drug excesses with subsequent trips to psychiatric wards, hospitals or prisons with them, of course.

2020 with the pandemic rising, I had this deja vu, and the song "SchwArz" describes our and my feelings."

"König der Idioten" is now available as CD Digipak, Ltd. Vinyl LP and Digital formats, and you can order your copy at THIS LOCATION!

The Idiots Album

"König der Idioten" track listing: 1. Darkness

2. Terror

3. Downtown Lover

4. Ich bin böse

5. König der Idioten

6. Never Give Up

7. Proud To Be An Idiot

8. Psychopath

9. Punk Rock Bunny

10. SchwArz

11. Neverland (CD Bonus Track)

12. Zeit (CD Bonus Track)



04.08.2023 DE Dortmund - Idiots Records (unplugged - Album Release Show)

05.08.2023 DE Dortmund - Idiots Records (unplugged - Album Release Show)

29.09.2023 DE Coesfeld - Fabrik (*)

30.09.2023 DE Quedlinburg - KUZ Reichenstrasse (*)

01.10.2023 DE Frankfurt - Batschkapp (*)

02.10.2023 DE München - Backstage (*)

03.10.2023 AT Wien - Viper Room (*)

04.10.2023 CH Luzern - Sedel (*)

05.10.2023 DE Nürnberg - Hirsch (*)

06.10.2023 DE Leipzig - Hellraiser (*)

07.10.2023 DE Hamburg - Logo (*)

08.10.2023 DE Braunschweig - KUFA (*)

04.11.2023 DE Dortmund - Junkyard (*)

(*) 40 Years Idiots Records Tour 2023 w/ Phantoms Of Future, Kadaverficker + Dr. Death

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