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THE HELLACOPTERS | release video for 'The Electric Index Eel (Revisited)' + 'Grande Rock' reissue.




Swedish action rock legends The Hellacopters have announced the release date for the long overdue physical re-issue of their classic album Grande Rock from 1999, which hasn't been available to purchase on vinyl for over 20 years. This new edition of Grande Rockwill be released on February 16th, 2024 as a 2LP, 2CD and digital edition all of which contain both the remastered original album as well as a revisited and remixed version with additional guitars by Dregen, plus additional percussion and piano and new backing vocal tracks. Just like the original release back in 1999, the vinyl edition exclusively features the Venom cover 'Angel Dust' as a bonus track.

To give you an example of the Grande Rock Revisited experience, a video for the revisited version of 'The Electric Index Eel' can be watched below.



Grande Rock (remastered) (LP 1 / CD1) (Blue Cover)

1 Action De Grâce

2 Alright Already Now

3 Move Right Out Of Here

4 Welcome To Hell

5 The Electric Index Eel

6 Paul Stanley

7 Angel Dust*

8 The Devil Stole The Beat From The Lord

9 Dogday Mornings

10 Venus In Force

11 5 vs. 7

12 Lonely

13 Renvoyer

* vinyl only bonus track

Grande Rock Revisited (LP 2 / CD 2) (Orange Cover)

1 Action De Grâce

2 Alright Already Now

3 Move Right Out Of Here

4 Welcome To Hell

5 The Electric Index Eel

6 Paul Stanley

7 The Devil Stole The Beat From The Lord

8 Dogday Mornings

9 Venus In Force

10 5 vs. 7

11 Lonely

12 Renvoyer

Available Formats:


GATEFOLD 2LP (w/ blue cover (front) and orange cover (back)

- Transparent Magenta

- LP1 Sky Blue, LP2 Transparent Orange

- Clear & Ocean Blue Marbled


(the digital album will have a reversed order of Grand Rock Revisited followed by Grande Rock (remastered))


Swedish high energy rock and roll band The Hellacopters released their eighth studio album titled Eyes Of Oblivion on April 1st, 2022. It marked the first full-length since the release of their temporary farewell record Head Offin 2008, and was met with massive acclaim from fans and media alike. Charting #1 in Sweden, #3 in Germany, #6 in Finland, the band celebrated a triumphant return culminating in a show with the mighty Iron Maiden in Gothenburg in July 2022, and gigs with Ghost in Germany in June 2023.

On February 16th, 2024 they will now release not one, but two stunning versions of their classic Grande Rock album. Entitled Grande Rock Revisited it has been remastered by Henke Jonsson, and furthermore has been completely remixed by Michael Ilbert at Hansa Studios, Berlin using the original multi-track tapes and reanimated with a whole lot of additional layers of rock! The result showcases how the record could have sounded in a parallel universe with Dregen being in the band at the time, and with a more balanced mix, something the band had been pondering about for quite a while. “We all love loud guitars”, Nicke explains, “but not at the expense of drums and bass, which is pretty much the gist of the original mix. It’s ALL guitars”. So whether you do not want to spend way over 100 Euro for one of the rare original LPs or are excited to hear a revamped, re-rocked new mix of Grande Rock, Grande Rock Revisited gives you both plus a double-album-cover design by singer/guitarist Nicke added as visual treat on top. The Hellacopters make Rock Grande again!






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