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TEMPT - New Album "TEMPT" Out Now


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The late super agent Steve Strange and manager of Tempt until his untimely passing“I have been a fan of this band from the very second I heard them, I loved the fact that they have all the hallmarks of many of the bands that I loved when I was growing up but with a very modern sound and great pop dynamics and sensibilities. I am so excited for the world to hear their forthcoming album as it contains one great song after another. They are a band that can cross over many generations which I think is a unique ability these days.”

Brace yourselves for an electrifying musical revelation as the four-piece powerhouse TEMPT drops their highly anticipated self-titled album, out today (August 25) via Better Noise Music. With a sonic landscape that merges classic rock with cutting-edge innovation, TEMPT is poised to redefine the rock genre for a new generation.

With shades of everyone from Loverboy to The Killers to The Weeknd, this is proper, life-affirming, 21st-century stuff: Gen-X songwriting muscle, Gen-Z production head.”

Classic Rock Mag UK (Album Review August 2023)

Produced and mixed by renowned 5X Grammy Award winner, Chris Lord-Alge, whose masterful touch has graced records by luminaries like Harry Styles, Foo Fighters and Muse, the album is a sonic masterpiece. Recorded at Sticky Audio Labs in NYC and mixed at Mix LA, this album is a testament to the band's dedication and creativity, with each track meticulously crafted to captivate and enthrall listeners.

“Collaborating on this album was a fantastic energizing experience, and the result is a collection of tracks that capture the essence of both tradition and evolution,” says Chris Lord-Alge.“TEMPT is a band poised to redefine the rock genre for a new generation. Their commitment to pushing boundaries and their musical prowess created an environment where creativity knew no bounds. Together, we've crafted a sonic journey that bridges generations, delivering a sound that's both timeless and cutting-edge.”

Listen/download it now at

“What this band are doing is remarkable,” shared the late legendary music journalist Malcolm Dome. “They have reinvented rock music for the modern age without compromising to trends or formulae.”

“’Golden Tongue’ is as simple in its execution as it gets, but it is also as infectious as it gets,” lauds music website Devils Gate Music. “Equally as infectious–and impressive–is the finger-clicking ‘Sneakin’ Around’ which is only a few degrees of separation away from a Harry Styles song. Or if you prefer, a ballsier Harry Styles. Either should be on wall-to-wall rotation on US mainstream radio.”

TEMPT is composed of Zach Allen on lead vocals, Harrison Marcello on guitar, Nicholas Burrows on drums, and Chris Gooden on bass. Hailing from the vibrant streets of New York City, TEMPT isn't just another rock band--they're a defiant force breaking the constraints of the current stale definition of rock music. In a world that said rock was dead, TEMPT's sound is a bold leap forward, into the 21st century. Their album brings listeners on a transformative journey that shatters conventions. Featuring 11 captivating tracks, this album is a testament to their mission: to craft a genre-bending experience that resonates deeply with a new generation. With a fusion of Gen X songwriting muscle and Gen Z production finesse, TEMPT's music is a life-affirming testament to the ever-evolving spirit of rock.

“Every once in a while a band comes along that cries out `Stadiums,` state K2 Agency Founder and Agent John Jackson and Senior Booking Agent Jim Morewood. “Enter Tempt following in the footsteps of the legendary Led Zeppelin and Def Leppard.”

Tempt album

The album comes complete with the cutting-edge single "Golden Tongue." This track showcases TEMPT's distinctive sound that simultaneously reveres rock's storied history while catapulting it into a new dimension. With its infectious melodies and dynamic arrangement, “Golden Tongue" is the perfect introduction to TEMPT's sonic universe. This track follows the release of the singles "Burn Me Down," "Roses" and "Living Dangerous," the latter featuring a dynamic collaboration with singer Dorothy.

“This album represents our evolution as a band, blending the timeless swagger of rock with a fresh, modern sound,” says Marcello. “We're breaking new ground and creating something unique. true to our rock roots."

“I'm very honored that Tempt play ‘We Will Rock You,’ and with so much passion,” commented Queen lead guitarist Sir Brian May on the band’s recent cover of Queen’s quintessential classic“We Will Rock You.” “What a great version of our ancient tune. Tempt I'm all ears.”

In a groundbreaking move, TEMPT's "Golden Tongue" music video harnesses the cutting-edge technology used in productions like the Disney+ sensation "The Mandalorian." The band created a unique, otherworldly environment using Epic Games' Unreal Engine, giving rise to a futuristic stage where their performance unfolds. Filmed on an XR Stage featuring a colossal 50' W X 20' H curved LED wall called a Volume, the video marries innovative visuals with TEMPT's magnetic performance, all captured with Sony Venice 2 cameras in stunning 8K quality. Real-time camera tracking sent data back to the Unreal Engine, weaving an immersive visual tapestry that blurs the lines between reality and imagination. Experience the “Golden Tongue” music video streaming below or via YouTube HERE.

“I’ve kept an eye on Tempt for a few years now and it’s been impressive to watch their growth and evolution for such a young band so quickly,” exclaims SiriusXM DJ Eddie Trunk. “Definitely the ones to watch!!”

TEMPT's stage presence and music have garnered praise worldwide. They've shared arena stages with iconic acts like Iron Maiden, Shinedown, Alter Bridge and Theory Of A Deadman. They've even rocked the legendary Madison Square Garden while supporting none other than Bon Jovi. This year, TEMPT is set to conquer North America, with plans to return to Europe in 2024.

“Well…. finally! Some Rock ’N Roll….emphasis on the ’N Roll,” state CEO Danny Wimmer and Executive VP Gary Spivack of Danny Wimmer Presents. “Tempt has that swagger, that groove that we at DWP long for. LET’S GO!”



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