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SONS OF ETERNITY Premiere Music Video For New Album Single "Media Zombies"!

Sons Of Eternity © Joe Ehrhardt
Sons Of Eternity © Joe Ehrhardt

The pre-sale is available at THIS LOCATION!


On December 8, 2023, heavy power metal act SONS OF ETERNITY will release their first full-length studio album, entitled "End Of Silence", via Massacre Records. The pre-sale is available at THIS LOCATION!

Following a recent track and video premiere for the song "In Silence", today, SONS OF ETERNITYare sharing a music clip for their new single "Media Zombies", "a straight mid-tempo metal song, combining groove elements with strong riffs", as the band comments.

"Mobile phones, social media, online gaming, the WWW - people all over the world spend many hours a day in the virtual world. Yes, we do too! But sometimes we should remind ourselves there is more - there is a "real" life with real experiences waiting for everyone of us to discover. So don't become a MEDIA ZOMBIE!"

SONS OF ETERNITY's members, coming from various musical and stylistic backgrounds, combine their unique influences to a strong, diverse and catchy mixture under the unifying banner of heavy metal: Modern low guitar tunings mixed with melodic harmony leads and rhythms, from up-tempo to pounding heavy grooves, and the unique and strong voice of lead singer Matthias with his impressive vocal range and expression. The lyrics on the album deal with all problems concerning the 21st century civilization, from personal to worldwide matters. "End Of Silence" by SONS OF ETERNITY is a global statement in metal!

SOE Album


1. In Silence

2. Dark Orbit

3. Stand Your Ground

4. Media Zombies

5. Before The Day Will End

6. Travellers In Time

7. Eye Of The Storm

8. The End

9. Ruins

10. Horizon

11. Dawn Of A... (CD Bonus Track)

12. Revolution (CD Bonus Track)



Matthias "Schenky" Schenk – Vocals

Matthias "Church" Kirchgessner – Guitars

Jonas Roßner – Guitars

Frederik Müller-Schartl – Bass

Thomas Abts – Drums



20.01.2024 DE Würzburg - Café Cairo

19.-20.04.2024 DE Geiselwind - Metal Franconia Festival


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Mar 13
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

It sounds like an exciting announcement! Premiering a music video for a new album single is a significant milestone for any band or artist. "Media Zombies" suggests a compelling theme that might resonate with audiences, especially given the prevalence of media consumption in today's society. The title hints at a commentary on modern media culture, which could make for an engaging and thought-provoking music video. Overall, it seems like an intriguing project that fans of Sons of Eternity will likely appreciate. Also buy real 1,000 plays for your Spotify playlist here:



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