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SKAGARACK - Heart And Soul


Skagarack released back in the second half of the 1980s three albums, and did really well in many countries. They toured and played many cool festivals and venues, and good airplay on radio followed.

This was back in the day when mainstream Radio also played Rock music, and they had hits like “I’m Alone”, “Hungry For A Game”, and “Anytime Anywhere”.

Fast forward to 2020, Skagarack got some gigs offered which went great and the fans loved. It was just unbelievable how well those old songs still sit deep inside of you! When the group started rehearsing for the gigs, it didn’t take long before it sounded pretty much exactly like it did back then. So this obviously got them inspired, and Torben Schmidt started writing new songs.

The “Heart And Soul“ album consists of a mixed bag of songs written over the last 2-3 years, and recorded whenever there was time and inspiration, and without having any concept in mind at all. Just some guys playing loud music in the studio, and having fun doing so. Jan Petersen (guitars) and Schmidt grew up listening to the same kind of music and loving the same bands in the 70s, and the group believes you can hear that here and there in some of these new songs.



Torben Schmidt (Vocals, Bass, Keyboards)

Jan Petersen (Guitars)

Drums: Dennis Pedersen, Lars Daugaard, and Mattias IA Eklundh.



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