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SILVER HORSES announce third album 'Electric Omega'



Silver Horses is born as an Italian-English rock band back in 2011 from the meeting of the Italian guitarist Gianluca Galli and the English singer Tony Martin. Tony Martin has been Black Sabbath Singer from 1987 to 1990 and again from 1993 to 1997. Martin was the band's second longest serving vocalist after Ozzy Osbourne.

Silver Horses members have a very important background and experience in the Italian and international hard rock scene with many records, tours and a very important visibility in the rock panorama.

Tony Martin joined the band at the very beginning to build up a new hard rock project. Silver Horses propose recorded their debut album in 2012 with a very successful album, a very '70s oriented rock with Led Zeppelin, Whitesnake influences but with a modern and very personal touch. Tony Martin was present also in a couple of tracks in the second album titled “Tick”.

The band has just finished the production of the third album called “Electric Omega” with the Italian singer Jacopo Meille, frontman of the british band Tygers of Pan Tang since about two decades. Jacopo is not really a new face to the band, since he started playing with Gianluca back in 1989 with Mad Mice first and Mantra then. The line up of SH today is probably the “dream team” that summarizes years of different experiences but a common view and love for the rock music.

The new album “Electric Omega” is a sum of new songs and remakes of a few Mantra titles, re-arranged with the new line up and with a contemporary twist.



Jacopo Jack Meille: Vocals

Gianluca Galli: Guitars and keyboards

Andrea Castelli: Bass

Matteo Bona Bonini: Drums






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