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SEVI With New Single & Tour Dates In Europe.


The band started the new year with changes in crew and a brand-new video – the deeply emotional ballad “World that doesn’t fit”.

The new guitarist Stone Angel and the new drummer Peter Petrov definitely add strong energy and new flavor in the band line up.

The band is preparing for a strong festival summer and will tour all around Europe during 2024.

SEVI will perform in Italy, UK, Belgium, Scotland and more. They will play at the main stage of Winter Storm Festival, Scotland (Nov 30) and will make couple of shows in Switzerland including a concert with Hardline and Johnny Gioeli at the legendary Z7 Konzertfabrik Hall on September 14th. Full tour dates list on the band’s website: The band will be presenting their new album “Genesis” on the tours.

The 11 tracks album was released at the end of 2023 and definitely marks a change in SEVI's compositions and sound.

More mature and deep, the album shows the band evolution both in ideas and lyrics.

Johnny Gioeli (Axel Rudi Pell, Hardline), the Finnish drummer Mirka Rantanen (Circus of Rock), the Italian drummer Enrico Valente, the multi-instrumentalist Alexandra Zerner, the Bulgarian drummer Bambi Nikiforov (OH) are the special gusts in "Genesis". Mix and mastering were made by the producers Marco Barusso and Kane Churko (producer of the single "Hate You").


Source: SEVI




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