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Rising Power Metal Outfit DOMINUM to Release Debut Album, “Hey Living People”, on December 29.

Dominum ©  360 Grad Design
Dominum © 360 Grad Design

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Emerging theatrical power metal unit DOMINUM will release their debut album, Hey Living People, on December 29, 2023 via Napalm Records! Lead by songwriter and producer Felix Heldt (Feuerschwanz, Visions Of Atlantis and more) on vocals in the character of Dr. Dead, the band takes the living into the world of the undead - telling stories of zombies, survival and insatiable hunger for more, creating their own intense and captivating reality. Today, the band has unleashed the catchy opening track from the upcoming album, entitled “Immortalis Dominum”!

“Immortalis Dominum” sets the scene with an eerie intro that builds into a flamboyant chorus. The accompanying top-quality music video is once again made by the acclaimed 360 Grad Design, and it transforms the dramatic track into a horror movie. DOMINUM are currently gearing up for their epic live shows with bands such as Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Equilibrium and Hämatom this autumn, and have more exciting performances coming up in 2024. Check out the official music video for “Immortalis Dominum” below and make sure to pre-order your copy of Hey Living People!

DOMINUM on “Immortalis Dominum”:

“Listen, my living friends, you’ve already heard the tales of my first two creations - ‘Patient Zero’ and ‘Victor’ - and I know you cherish them, but probably not the way I do. A father’s love is unlike any other, you see. With this new story I’m presenting, I’m providing a glimpse into my inner world. It’s a dark place, but it leads to a bright conclusion - the heart of it all, the anthem of the undead - ‘Immortalis Dominum.’ I am the master of the undead, and this is my legacy.


Dr. Dead”

Dr. Dead adds on the album:

“Hey Living People! I’ve been working on this for so long, decades in the making. Now, the time has come for my very first magnum opus to be unleashed - “Hey Living People”. I’ve served you the appetizers, but I believe you’re ready for a full happy deadly meal. For those ready to plunge into the abyss, I’ve prepared the “Die Hard” package, complete with a dash of an exclusive antidote. I understand your fear of my ever-advancing zombie horde (and rest assured, they are coming!), but that antidote may buy you a little extra time. This package also features a top-notch calendar to help you schedule your personal apocalypse as well as a personally signed autograph card by all zombies and myself - can you imagine what it takes to make a zombie sign a card?

Mark my words, “Hey Living People” is the ultimate dose of the undead - the most intense experience you can get. If you’re daring enough to embrace the zombie lifestyle, join us and become a part of the living dead squad.


Dr. Dead”


Fantastic storytelling, genius songwriting and a high level of musicianship are the core of DOMINUM, which is evident on their 13-track first offering that combines the energy of metal with the drama and narration of horror movies. Massive power metal track “Danger Danger” convinces with its skillful instrumentation and storyline through bombastic vocals. Title track “Hey Living People” is a catchy future hit song, fit for both rock radio and huge festival stages. DOMINUM’s first standalone single, “Patient Zero”, features a high-quality music video by 360 Grad Design (Rammstein, Peter Maffay, Within Temptation & many more) that resembles a horror movie. Featuring sharp solos and singalong choruses on tracks like “Cannibal Corpses” and “Better Shoot Yourself”, and playful lyrics on songs like “We All Taste The Same”, Hey Living People is sure to entertain. On top of their original songs, DOMINUM also serves up epic “zombie metal versions” of three well-known tracks: legendary mid-80s hit “You Spin me Round (Like a Record)” originally by Dead Or Alive, Billie Eilish’s “Bad Guy” and Australian rock band Midnight Oil’s “Beds are Burning”.

Hey Living People is produced by bandleader and main songwriter Felix Heldt and recorded in collaboration with Jacob Hansen (Amaranthe, Arch Enemy, Katatonia, Delain, Evergrey among other significant metal bands), who also mixed and mastered the album. DOMINUM has already been booked for many big festivals for summer 2024 without even having released a single song. They will also bring their characters into the world of the living this autumn on their German tour dates with Equilibrium and Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, unleashing their epic metal show that could not be more alive. Join the Living Dead Squad and become part of the most up-and-coming force in theatrical power metal!


Hey Living People Tracklisting: 1 Immortalis Dominum 2 Danger Danger 3 Hey Living People 4 Cannibal Corpses 5 Patient Zero 6 We All Taste The Same 7 Frankenstein 8 You Spin Me Round (Like a Record) 9 Better Shoot Yourself 10 Half Alive 11 The Chosen Ones 12 Bad Guy

13 Beds are Burning Hey Living People will be available in the following formats:

  • Limited Jewelcase + O-Card

  • 1 LP Gatefold TRANSPARENT Vinyl

  • Deluxe 1 LP Gatefold TRANSPARENT Vinyl incl Signed Autograph Card (A6) + Ballpoint Pen “Antidote” + A4 Calendar 2024 + Cotton Bag "We All Taste The Same" – only available in Napalm Records webstore (strictly limited to 100 issues worldwide)

  • Limited Jewelcase + O-Card incl Signed Autograph Card (A6) + Ballpoint Pen “Antidote” + A4 Calendar 2024 + Cotton Bag "We All Taste The Same" + Shirt “Patient Zero” – only available in Napalm Records webstore (strictly limited to 100 issues worldwide)

  • Digital Album


DOMINUM live: w/ Hämatom 28.10.23 DE – Kaiserslautern / Kammgarn w/ Die Apokalyptischen Reiter, Equilibrium 26.12.23 DE – Munich / Backstage Werk 27.12.23 CH – Pratteln / Z7 28.12.23 DE – Cologne / Essigfabrik 29.12.23 DE – Hamburg / Grünspan 30.12.23 DE – Jena / F-Haus



Dr. Dead – Vocals

Patient Zero – Bass

Victor – Drums

Tommy – Guitars


DOMINUM online:

Nspalm Records





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