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Palace shares new video "Girl Is An Angel" from upcoming album “Reckless Heart” out July 12th





Lithuanian-born Swedish artist Michael Palace shares the new video “Girl Is An Angel”, taken from his upcoming new record “Reckless Heart”, set for release on July 12th, 2024.

The unofficial soundtrack music video for "Girl Is An Angel" was made with clips from the cult classic 1996 movie "Barb Wire" featuring Pamela Anderson. Set in a dystopian future, "Barb Wire" stars Anderson as a nightclub owner and bounty hunter in Steel Harbor. Directed by David Hogan, the film blends noir and cyberpunk elements and is known for its gritty aesthetic and action-packed sequences. Despite mixed initial reviews, it has gained a cult following for its 90s charm and iconic style.

Describing the track, Michael commented: "Girl Is An Angel" is a driving AOR rocker powered by a pumping synth bass and a scorching guitar solo! This is my personal favorite from the new album, so I wanted to make something special and made an edit of the movie "Barb Wire" to accompany the song and give you the full soundtrack experience!”

This explosive musical journey of “Reckless Heart” resurrects the essence of the 1980s, each track pulsating with the potential to score a classic action blockbuster or drive the adrenaline of a training montage.

“It was time to go back to the roots, as they say, and finally make that true '80s AOR album that I’ve dreamt of creating since I started Palace. It's the missing link between 1985 and 2024,” said Michael.

Inspired by genre-defining icons such as Aviator, FM and Dare alongside contemporaries Chez Kane and Crazy Lixx, Michael Palace meticulously rebuilt the Palace sound from the ground up, returning to the true origins and inspiration of the project. ’Reckless Heart' is an essential cornerstone in any AOR and melodic rock aficionado's collection.

Michael Palace embarked on his journey with Frontiers as a songwriter and guitarist for various projects such as First Signal, Cry Of Dawn, Toby Hitchcock and Kryptonite. These successful collaborations paved the way for a deal with Frontiers, enabling Michael to deliver songs aligned with his vision under the name Palace. 'Reckless Heart' marks the fifth release, maintaining a bi-annual album release schedule since 2016. Recently, Michael has produced albums for Kent Hilli and Nevena and done work across diverse genres while taking on various roles such as a songwriter, musician, producer, and engineer.

Embracing a hands-on approach, Michael has written all of the songs, played all instruments, produced, mixed and mastered the new album. 'Reckless Heart' stands as a testament to his ongoing musical evolution, inviting fans of 'Master Of The Universe,' 'Binary Music,' 'Rock and Roll Radio,' and 'One 4 The Road' to plunge into the captivating world of AOR and the iconic soundscape of the 1980s.

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