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Melodic Heavy Metal act TIMELESS FAIRYTALE release new single "New Dawn"!


"A Story to Tell" will be coming out on September 13 via ViciSolum Productions

The album is available for pre-order at THIS LOCATION


The international Melodic Heavy (Power) Metal act TIMELESS FAIRYTALE has just dropped their brand new track "New Dawn", which is the first single from the band's upcoming debut full-length "A Story to Tell". The album is set to be released on September 13 via ViciSolum Productions and the single is now available on all major digital platforms.

TIMELESS FAIRYTALE's guitarist and songwriter Luca Sellitto about the single: "I believe that ‘New Dawn’ is a perfect choice as a first single, cause it has all the core elements of our sound: a very melodic and memorable vocal line; a great riff, which has the potential to catch the listener’s attention from the very first few notes; an energetic drums/bass work, based on a standard power metal ‘sixtheenth-note’ groove, but with the right dose of variation; a shredding guitar solo, very classically influenced; symphonic strings arrangements and majestic backing vocals layers.

Just for the curious: I wrote the song around a very old riff that I came up with back in 1999 or 2000 and remained unused for over twenty years, but I’ve finally managed to put it in the right context and, surprisingly, it still sounds fresh and driving. I hope that all the listeners will appreciate the ‘passion and fire’ that we put into this song and get fired up by it!”

TIMELESS FAIRYTALE is founded by Danish singer Henrik Brockmann (original frontman of Royal Hunt and Evil Masquerade) and Italian guitarist/songwriter Luca Sellitto, from the band Stamina and session guitarist for Ian Parry's Rock Emporium. The mighty lineup is completed by a killer rhythm section, consisting of Stamina’s bass player Carmine Vivo and Swedish drummer Viktor Enebjörn, from the bands Forever Still and Darknd. TIMELESS FAIRYTALE’s style is the result of a tasty combination of neoclassical/power metal, symphonic metal and classic rock.This band can be considered a "dream come true" for all fans of catchy and elegant vocal melodies, classically influenced instrumental parts and majestic/bombastic arrangements.



"A Story to Tell" track listing:

01. Entering the Fairytale (Intro)

02. Forever and a Day

03. New Dawn

04. Master of Illusion

05. Emptiness

06. A Story to Tell

07. The Best Part of Your Life

08. Forsaken Dream

09. The Last Chance

10. Trust Your Heart

11. Farewell Fairytale (Outro)



Henrik Brockmann - Vocals

Luca Sellitto - Guitar, Keyboards

Carmine Vivo - Bass

Viktor Enebjörn - Drums


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