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Gypsy’s Kiss Release Single & Premiere Music Video.

Gypsy's Kiss

Gypsy’s Kiss are proud to release a brand-new single, ‘Better Than Me’, accompanied by a music video. The visuals seamlessly blend footage from their energetic live performances in Lublin, Poland during October 2022 and June 2023, interspersed with candid shots of the band in their rehearsal haven. These glimpses authentically capture the essence and euphoria of their dynamic live shows. David Smith, the founding pillar, provides insight into the song, sharing, “This song is inspired by stories from friends etc about their relationships breaking down and the anguish that can result and keeping their self-esteem by insisting that their ex-partner and ex-partner’s new beau are not better than them” “We’ve been really pleased with this track from the early drafts to the finished song. We deliberately wanted to write and record something that would appeal to a wider audience including a catchy chorus, guitar harmonies as well as being true to our rock roots. It stood out to us as a track we should put out as a single. It is always in our live shows and has fast become an audience favourite”.

Emerging in the early months of 1974, Gypsy’s Kiss took shape within the vibrant East End of London, birthed through the collaboration of Steve Harris, the visionary founder and bassist of Iron Maiden, and David Smith. Steve and David lived close to each other and went to the same school. Their proximity and shared educational journey forged a deep bond between them. This historical connection firmly establishes the band's prominent position at the pinnacle of the Iron Maiden Family Tree. After nearly two years Gypsy’s Kiss came to its natural end in the second half of 1975. Steve then famously formed Iron Maiden in December 1975. The band still do remain good friends to this day. Decades later, David Smith, a founding GK member succumbed to pleas from dedicated maiden enthusiasts and reformed the band alongside fellow original member Bob Verschoyle and orchestrated a triumphant comeback at London’s Burrfest in March 2018. The band embarked on an extensive journey across the UK and Europe, resulting in two acclaimed albums. The current line-up is David Smith (Vocals and Guitars), Jonathan Morley (Guitars and BVs), Fraser Marr (Guitars), Ross Hunter (Keys and BVs), Robin Gatcum (Bass) and Stuart Emms (Drums). Although GK remain loyal to their Maiden heritage, they continue to bring their classic rock sound to a wider audience beyond their Iron Maiden roots.

Classic Rock Magazine applauds the "Maiden Alumni" for their musical prowess, commending their previous release for its "tuneful hard rock with prog flourishes." Metal Talk endorses the band's sound as "wild and soulful," urging listeners to succumb to the spellbinding enchantment of Gypsy’s Kiss. Renowned for their top-tier entertainment, Metal Planet Music rightfully acclaims, "These individuals are consummate entertainers," solidifying Gypsy’s Kiss as an enduring powerhouse in the world of music. As the journey continues, Gypsy’s Kiss stands poised to etch another remarkable chapter in their legacy, bridging the past with the present and captivating fans old and new with their unyielding passion for rock music.

Better Than Me is now available on all digital platforms and a CD is available from their website with a bonus Live track

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