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Foxpalmer - Wanted Video and Single.


"A strong comparison can be made between Fleetwood Mac and Foxpalmer, sharing in their haunting vocals and catchy guitar lines...I strongly recommend getting this lady" The Voice Magazine

Fern showed a fantastic voice with some very good acoustic playing reminiscent of Tracey Chapman...” Ravenheart Music Festival review, Fireworks Rock & Metal Magazine

“This is a lady with an immense amount of talent”. Garry Foster, WCR FM The Unchained Show

“Full of longing and a barely suppressed sensuality, the material cuts to the bone and touches both the soul as well as making you want to move your feet. With a rare intelligence and craft, the band are destined to fill larger and larger halls, buoyed doubtless by plentiful radio plays as they provide a welcome alternative to some of the soulless mass-produced music, we’re fed. Your only option is to immerse yourself in their warm and wonderful world.” Breakthrough Acts 2022, Get Ready To Rock


FOXPALMER aka Fern McNulty says: ‘Wanted’ was written about a previous relationship that turned into heartbreak as an ex-boyfriend who I loved and trusted very much left me for someone else. This was a dark and painful time, comprehending the lies, deceit, and shock of the situation. I found the hardest parts were the night times, crying myself to sleep and dreaming of things that weren’t anymore then waking up to hurtful reality. Still not fully having forgiven what happened, you hear the song has a bitter and angry twist to it, the pain explodes towards the end of the song in the later choruses, bringing a catharsis.

Thoroughbred Music is thrilled to welcome FOXPALMER to the record label stable and to be working with band on their new album ‘Dark Tides’. Festival dates and 2 UK tours with the awesome Black Heart Orchestra and national touring including festivals is underway.


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