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'Eternal Love' feat. Mark Boals Lyric Video from Circle Of Friends: Cherokee Moon.


We are very pleased to be able to present 'Eternal Love', the second track from Fireworks Rock & Metal Magazine's editor Bruce Mee's superb new Circle Of Friends album, ‘Cherokee Moon’ which is the sequel to the hit 2021 album Circle Of Friends 'The Garden'.

Featuring the stunning voice of Mark Boals on vocals, the lyrics to this song were penned by Bruce himself and show off his love for Melodic Rock.


Album Cover


1 Starlight

2 Eternal Love

3 Princess of the Night

4 House of Shadows

5 Lying Here Beside You

6 Can't Let You Go

7 Eye of the Hurricane

8 Midnight Sensation

9 Girl from Lebanon

10 Don't Be Afraid of the Dark

11 The Robe

Guest Musicians: Harry Hess - Vocals (Harem Scarem) / Robin McAuley - Vocals (Black Swan/MSG/solo) / Robin Beck – Vocals / Mark Boals - Vocals/Bass (Malmsteen / Mike Slamer / Billionaires Boys Club / Ring Of Fire) / Jeff Scott Soto - Vocals (W.E.T/ Malsmteen / Jourmey) / Derby Mills - Vocals (Headpins/solo) / Rick Altzi - Vocals (Masrterplan/Heaven's Trail/Gathering of Kings) / Paul Manzi - Vocals (Sweet/x Cats In Space) / Thomas Vikstrom - Vocals ( Candlemass / Brazen Abbot) / Tanya Rizkala - Vocals (Epic) / Olivia Dei Cicchi - Vocals (James Christian/Robin Beck Daughter) / Mick Devine - Lead and backing vocals (Seven) / James Christian - Backing vocals (House Of Lords) / Fredrik Folkare - Guitars/Bass (Unleashed/Eclipse) / Steve Mann - Keyboards (MSG/Lionheart) / Nalle Pahlsson - Bass (Treat/AB/CD) / Tom Croucier - Bass (Life By Night/MTB) / Tommy Denander - Guitar/Keyboards (Radioactive/Steve Walsh/Steve Overland) / Greg Hart - Guitars (Cats In Space) / Steve Morris - Guitars/Keyboards (Ian Gillan Band/Heartland/Lonerider) / Kjell Haraldson - Hammond (Glenn Hughes) / Robert Sall - Guitars/Keys (Work Of Art/Overland/W.E.T) / Brian Anthony - Bass (Steve Walsh/Lonerider) / Johan Kullberg - Drums (Hammerfall) / Josh Devine - Drums (One Direction/Levara).

Circle Of Friends: ‘Cherokee Moon’ can be purchased from Escape Records Ltd at



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