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DGM: 'Life' - new album by Italian prog metal masters out 17.11.23 via Frontiers.


new album out 17.11.23 (Frontiers) pre-order/save


Italian progressive metal masters DGM will release a new album entitled ‘Life’ on 17th November, their first full length record since 2020. A single and video from it for the song ‘Unravel the Sorrow’ are available from today.

‘Life’ is the culmination of two years work during which time DGM mainman Simone Mularoni wrote a wealth of new material that clearly demonstrates his desire to push the group beyond any previous musical boundaries. “‘Life’ is the sum of all the elements that have built DGM’s sound thus far,” he states. "Over the years. we have put more focus on the quality of our songs rather than their prog-metal technical aspects, putting all our efforts into their arrangements and every little detail. We strongly believe that this album is the peak of our songwriting!”

All the trademark elements of DGM’s sound can be heard on ‘Life’, with sweeping choruses, technical passages, lightning-fast fretwork, huge vocals and transitions full of bombast, but the care taken on the songwriting emerges in phenomenal music that encompasses everything from the heaviest progressive metal to a more classic hard rock sound. The playing is faultless and the melodies are perfectly woven into killer guitar lines, epic keyboards and pounding drums from a group line-up that is more cohesive than ever.

Not only the finest prog metal band in Italy, DGM are also a force to be reckoned with on the international scene. They are planning a European tour to promote ‘Life’, with dates to be announced shortly.

DGM Album


1 Unravel The Sorrow

2 To The Core

3 The Calling

4 Second Chance

5 Find Your Way

6 Dominate

7 Eve

8 Journey To Nowhere

9 Leave All Behind

10 Neuromancer



Marco Basile - vocals

Simone Mularoni - guitars

Andrea Arcangeli - bass

Fabio Costantino - drums

Emanuele Casali - keyboards



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