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Yes, CATS in SPACE are firing on all cylinders and ready to launch their long-awaited, blistering, double, live album this May, together with a documentary style film about their successful 2023 tour.

FIRE in the NIGHT - Live was recorded during the ‘Kickstart the Sun - Part II’ theatre tour in 2023 when our fabulous sound crew captured the full two hour show. As always, this release will be available in CD,vinyl and digital formats and due to the sheer length of the performance will once again be delivering both quality and value on double CD and limited double vinyl LP in a choice of colour variants. It will be the final release on the band's Harmony Factory label in conjunction with Cargo Records.

A lead single, and crowd favourite, ‘Johnny Rocket’ is set to be released ahead of the album in March 2024 on all digital platforms. The album release is scheduled for early May 2024.

'For the love of it', a film made by James Heron of Carriage Return productions, chronicles the stage production from conception to delivery of the CATS in SPACE Kickstart the Sun tour. It is a detailed insight into the highs and lows of modern day touring for original rock bands and shows the unique way that the tour was put together. All in all a fantastic opportunity to see behind the curtain before the release of the album!

Whilst on the subject of ‘Johnny Rocket’, he is also set to appear later this year, in a full-length feature cartoon book designed and published by Sentinel Publications. The team are putting together the full ‘Johnny Rocket’ story that first appeared on the 2019 Daytrip to Narnia album and is set to be a very special publication.

“We are super stoked with the recording of the album, thanks to our amazing live engineer Pete Russell and the fans who made every night so special throughout the tour. It really has captured the power and excitement of the band’s show... It will be a fitting finale to our time with Harmony Factory label, as we head down a new flight path for a very exciting future for all of us in Cats in Space. More to be revealed soon! As ever we have a LOT going on this year so keep your eyes peeled for updates... we are all thrilled to bits!”


Source: Cats In Space




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