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ADVOCACY release new single and video "Cut Loose".

Photo by Heartmatter Artworks

Fresh from being signed to UPRISING! Records, Danish prog metal extraordinaries ADVOCACY release today the first single and video from their upcoming album. “Cut Loose” is an epic track with all kinds of moods: from rock subtle melodies and textures to hands-on, prog metal complex patterns.

""Cut Loose" describes the experience of being sucked into a religion or ideology", vocalist/guitarist Søren Kjeldsen tells about the single. "At first, it is exciting and seductive, but this experience is slowly replaced by cognitive dissonance and meaninglessness. The hard times however may be transitory if one finds the willpower to rise above".

Advocacy was formed in Aarhus, Denmark in the Spring of 2015 with influences from metal, jazz, and progressive rock. The band's music is multi-faceted with unorthodox time signatures, three-part vocal harmonies, and compositions that take the listener on a musical journey through wide, dynamic levels and complex instrumentation. The lyrics are based on existentialism, societal issues, and the stormy depths of the human mind.

2023 will feature the release of the long-awaited debut album "The Path Of Decoherence”, with mixing and mastering done by Frederik Uglebjerg (Svartsot, Trold). The compositions have at the same time become more complex, heavier and melodic, and the band is highly motivated on bringing their musical world to an international audience.

Cut loose cover


Andreas Bek Nygaard Hansen – drums

Søren Wind - guitar

Peter Juelsgaard - bass

Peter Locher - guitar

Søren Kjeldsen - vocals, guitar



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