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Vambo - 'II'


Fasten your seatbelts and get ready for one unforgettable ride. The unforgettable ride is from an intense Hard Rock band out of London named Vambo. This brutally honest band pours out their heart and soul throughout their heart wrenching second album ‘II’ which will be released on October 20, 2023 featuring twelve tracks that will vividly explore the trials and tribulations of romance with ear-piercing vocals and explosive Hard Rock melodies that will surely send chills up one’s spine.

The album kicks off with the fiery ‘Minute Of Madness’. This track features screaming vocals and scorching Hard Rock melodies that sound like an adventurous man who is riding his motorcycle through the city streets with reckless abandon while leaving a trail of burnt rubber behind him. Therefore, one must enjoy the party while it lasts because the party will end very quickly. Meanwhile, the unforgettable ride continues as romance is blooming in the passionate track ‘Sweet Christine’. The song features haunting vocals and thunderous Hard Rock melodies that sound like a couple of hearts that are racing wildly as a couple’s eyes meet. This track is a sultry tale about a couple who is enjoying one steamy night together with no absolutely no regrets.

Finally, the unforgettable ride comes to an abrupt end in the anxiety ridden track ‘Shadows’. This track features slithering vocals and eerie Hard Rock melodies that sound like ghosts yowling loudly inside of a troubled man’s mind as he tries to sleep while heavy rain pounds against his bedroom window. This track is a frightening tale about a troubled man who is constantly being haunted by his undesirable past. However, the troubled man is trying to find a more peaceful way to live life.

Vambo is a great Hard Rock band with a promising future on today’s music scene with the release of their mind-blowing album ‘II’. This hair-raising collection of music will undoubtedly bring a jolt of excitement into a hopeless world that is engulfed in a dark abyss. This band is bringing joy and rowdiness by letting Hard Rock fans around this chaotic planet know that life is too short to be unhappy.


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