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The Struts release infectious new single 'Rockstar'

The Struts
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The Struts ramp up the energy today (Sept 8th) with their infectiously fun new track, ‘Rockstar’, out now on all platforms via Big Machine/John Varvatos Records. Listen HERE

Showcasing their unique brand of rock that favours cheek over machismo, in ‘Rockstar’, the band tells the story of a girl who has untouchable energy, backed by massive vocals, crashing percussion, and layers of guitars. The song’s protagonist is described in catchy lines throughout the track. "‘Cause she’s the diamond of the season the original sin / Waiting for some action and the show to kick in," frontman Luke Spiller fires off.

“I wanted to write this story where a guy meets a girl who has rockstar energy and he just wants her,” Spiller explains. “The line about original sin is a tip of the hat to composer and lyricist Jim Steinman, who wrote Pandora’s Box’s ‘Original Sin.’ There are so many great lines in there, like ‘kamikaze casanova crashing into your headlights.’ I love moments like that in an album when you don’t have to be super serious. Not everything has to be ’Imagine’ by John Lennon. We were just thinking, let's inject this record with some light-hearted fun. We recorded it in like two takes, and it’s one of the most energetic songs on the album.”

The platinum-selling rock juggernauts, who have collaborated with the likes of Kesha and Tom Morello and opened for The Rolling Stones and Foo Fighters (the latter of which dubbed them "the best opening band we've ever had"), seem to have truly hit their stride as they've harnessed the raucous nature of their live shows and transmuted it into their new full-length project.

Produced by The Struts, alongside Julian Raymond (Fleetwood Mac, Cheap Trick), and executive produced by Scott Borchetta, the group has managed to infuse their arena-sized energy into their most concentrated and exciting songs to date with their forthcoming album, Pretty Vicious, out on November 3rd.

The Struts Album

Pretty Vicious Track Listing

1. Too Good At Raising Hell

2. Pretty Vicious

3. I Won’t Run

4. Hands On Me

5. Do What You Want

6. Rockstar

7. Remember The Name

8. Bad Decisions

9. Better Love

10. Gimme Some Blood

11. Somebody Someday


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