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The Milk Men are led astray on latest single Hungover!

© Rob Blackham
© Rob Blackham

"Hungover" is available now on all digital platforms:


The Milk Men, known for their sharp sounding (and sharp dressed) live performances and innovative R&B take on the blues-rock sound, have mixed their renowned rhythm and blues with trouble and blues on brand new single, "Hungover."

The new single is a further taster of the band’s forthcoming, and best to date, studio album, "Holy Cow!"

Following on from the rhythm and country blues groove of "One Man Band," the short, snappy and boogie infectious "Hungover" is “a simple tale about lacking self-discipline and keeping bad company,” says the band’s singer Jamie Smy.

“We've all got those friends who lead us astray. Trying to do the right thing but always finding yourself back in the same old hole, and the only way out of the hole is to repeat and, as the song, says, ‘let the good times roll!’

A lot of research went into the lyrics for this song!” laughingly concludes Jamie.

“We wanted a tight, punchy, catchy track with some swagger that you can really get in to,” says the band’s guitarist & co-producer Adam Norsworthy. “And the song tells a funny, light-hearted story most of us can probably relate to!”

That story is reflected in the accompanying video, which sees all four band members donning costumes to portray the song’s various characters: the preacher, the pimp, the angel and the devil.

“We had great fun making the video,” says Jamie. “I think from the first shot to the last you can see we are not taking ourselves too seriously… and we never do… but we take the music very seriously.”

“Yes, it’s intentionally cheesy, which is kind of fitting for four Milk Men!” adds Adam.

“But then what do you do when your video director is called away on a big job at the last minute? You go down to the charity shop, buy some cheap costumes and put together the most DIY video in history!”

Scheduled for release on May 3rd, "Holy Cow!" marks the band's fifth studio album, following a string of critically acclaimed releases.

With a reputation as one of the most dynamic and enjoyable live acts on the circuit, The Milk Men have earned five nominations at the UK Blues Awards and were finalists in the UK Blues Challenge, solidifying their status as premier purveyors of British R'n'B talent.

Comprising former Pirate Mike Roberts on drums, Lloyd Green (son of guitar legend Mick Green) on bass guitar, husky blues-hued singer Jamie Smy on vocals, and the guitar prowess of Adam Norsworthy (also known for his work with The Mustangs), The Milk Men bring a wealth of experience and musical pedigree to their latest offering.

Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of influences (everything from AC/DC to Stevie Wonder), The Milk Men infuse Dr. Feelgood vibe'd R&B with a modern edge, characterized by their signature attack, energy, melody, bags of hooks and a sense of fun.

"Holy Cow!" showcases the band's evolution and raw authenticity, as Adam expands upon:

“This album is leaner, tougher, and more dynamic than any we have made before... but still dripping with hooks and some great lyrics. It’s very much what we do... just better than ever!”

Jamie Smy adds, “I see this album as having a number of core themes which could all be bracketed under 'the blues' in terms of subject matter, if not musically. 'Holy Cow' is far rawer than our other albums with less overdubs and less backing vocals, but still packed with hooks, melody, and attitude. It's the closest we've got to The Milk Men live experience in the studio.”

To pre-order your signed copy of "Holy Cow " on CD or Vinyl, visit The Milk Men merchandise page:

Pre-ordering means you will receive your copy of the album by post a few days before the official release date; you will also receive (in the next couple of weeks, via email) a free download of an exclusive remix of one of the band’s most popular early tracks, "Make Mine A Double" -- the perfect complement to Hungover!

You can also pre-order the album from Apple Music/iTunes here:

The band's busy 2024 schedule includes a series of live performances throughout the UK, providing fans with ample opportunity to experience their electrifying stage presence first hand -- don't miss The Milk Men as they deliver the essence of "Holy Cow!" to audiences across the UK.



26 April -Leeds Blues Club

27 April -Bosworth Blues Festival

16 May -Red Arrow Club, Ramsgate

18 May -Live@Eastwell Village Hall, Melton Mowbray

31 May - Venue 16, Ipswich (with Dr. Feelgood)

1 June - The Bird In Hand, Fareham, Hampshire

8 June - The Musician, Leicester

15 June - Boogaloo Festival, Toorak Hotel, Torquay

18 June - Tuesday Night Music Club, Coulsdon

27 June - The Half Moon, Putney

28 June - Blues At The Bay, Stockton

29 June - Saltburn Blues Club, North Yorkshire

30 June - The Cluny, Newcastle

6 July - Alfold Blues Festival

12 July -100 Club, Oxford Street (Supporting the Dirt Road Band)

21 July - Upton Blues Festival

3 August- Cambridge Rock Festival

25 August- Great British Rhythm & Blues Festival, Colne, Lancashire

14 September - Barleylands Blues Club

5 October- Swanage Blues Festival

15 October- The Music Den, Epping

25 October- Joe Joe Jim's, Birmingham

27 October - The Flying Circus, Newark

15 November- Blues on a Friday, The Butler, Reading

17 November- Pizza Express, The Pheasantry, Chelsea

14 December - The Musician, Leicester


8 February - Diseworth Blues Club


14 March - Darlington Blues Club


The Band

Vocals: Jamie Smy

Guitar: Adam Norsworthy

Bass: Lloyd Green

Drums: Mike Roberts






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