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Terry Ilous



Terry Ilous best known as vocalist with XYZ and Great White expands on his singing career and what the future holds with regard to new music and live gigs.

Who were your influences in the early days and have you always wanted to be a singer?

Yes, always. I started singing when I was a kid in the subway and people would give me change.... my first paying gig!  


It would be remiss of me not to mention your tenure in Great White. I enjoyed the albums you made and your performance in Nottingham. Is this a band you would consider singing with again or are relationships too broken?

Although I did enjoy my time with Great White, and I'm grateful for the opportunity, I've passed on the idea of going back to that time in my life. I believe in moving forward, and I want to focus on work that I created, not someone else’s music. I will always be grateful, and I appreciate the fans for embracing me, even all these years later. 


Have you ever auditioned for the vocal spot in any other notable bands?

Yes I have. I auditioned once for Foreigner. I thought I did ok, but honestly my sound was not close enough to Lou’s voice, which I deeply admire. But that's the kind of opportunity you have to at least try. Ultimately, I would have had to sing more like him for that classic Foreigner sound, but changing my sound was a problem for me. Ultimately, they hired the right singer. 


You have appeared on a number of albums. Do you have a favourite and why?

The ones I have not written yet 😊. I am always pushing for better and better and I strive for more. Sometimes I am almost in competition with myself! 

Do you still get the same buzz out of singing live as you did in the past?

Always. Every time I get on stage, It does not matter if it’s in front of 10 people or 40,000, I still get that feeling like it's the first time I'm stepping on the stage. A combination of excitement, focus, and wondering if I am going to be good enough.  

Some vocalists are on strict dietary regimes or gargle with special liquids. How have you kept your voice in tip-top shape all these years?

I don't smoke, I rarely drink, I work out, practice Judo, and I ask God and the universe for help - simple!

Are there any musicians that you have not worked with, but would like to in the future?

Yes, Sheryl Crow, I love her. Great songwriter and producer, I admire her voice, perseverance, and talent! 

Is there any unreleased recorded material from your days in the bands you’ve been involved with that could be released?

Tons of them! Pat and I do have many unreleased tracks from back in the late 80's. I am a writing machine and I have many notebooks full of songs. So many I don't think I'd ever be able to record them all. 

Do you have any plans to release another solo album or perhaps some new material from XYZ?

Another XYZ EP, yes, and solo albums. As I mentioned earlier I have so many songs that I’m having a hard time deciding the ones I should release first . 

With the live circuit opening up again, is there a possibility that we could see you performing some live shows in the UK?

I love Touring! I really enjoyed my last appearance in the UK. Great production, great vibe, and a fantastic crowd. It was a real treat to be there. If the opportunity comes up again I would love to. 

Have you ever thought of doing some production work for other bands?

I do that all the time. I recently produced the last George Lynch and Terry Ilous featuring AON. I have co-produced, written, sang, and played for many artists. I'm very hands on and I love being involved in all aspects of the recording process. 

Do you have anything in the pipeline at the moment that you would like to share?

Yes ... I’m happy to be here! We have lost many artists lately so I am grateful to be here and still have the opportunity to do what I love most. I feel each day is a blessing! As for music, there is definitely more to come, and hopefully some surprises. 



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