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TERJE: New single ‘On Fire’ out now and solo album to follow soon.

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Terje Eide, previously lead guitarist and singer of Norwegian band On The Rise, has just released the first single, ‘On Fire’, from his upcoming solo album ‘Recalibrate’. The catchy and melodic single can be accessed here.

Hailing from Bergen, Norway, Terje (vocalist, guitarist, composer, recording artist & producer) first captured the public ear at age sixteen, as a singer, guitarist and songwriter. His musical career began in earnest a year later, after winning a local talent contest. He later enjoyed a stint with the band Heaven & Hell, a rock institution in Bergen in the 80s. In 1986 he won the Norwegian National Rock Championship on national TV with the band The Heat and started his own band a few years later.

Terje spent several years exploring various musical genres, as well as playing with local artists as a guitarist, singer and backup singer. This capacity landed him a variety of large-scale shows and concerts, backing acclaimed Norwegian artists.

He went back to his rock roots in 2000 by starting a studio project that later on became On The Rise. A demo was made in early 2001 which immediately raised the interest of Frontiers Records who signed the project in June 2002. The Debut album ‘On the Rise’ was released in 2003. A few years later, Terje put together the songs on the long-awaited follow up album entitled ‘Dream Zone’ released in 2009.

Panning forward to 2023, Terje is enthusiastic about the new album under the “Terje” monicker:

“My upcoming album ‘Recalibrate’ will be released this fall, and was inspired by the Roman god Janus, representing beginnings, transitions and endings. The mythical two-headed character – who looks forward and towards the back – coincidentally informed Nello Dell'Omo’s design for the cover art, without us having discussed specific imagery beforehand. To reappropriate these ancient ideas which have transcended time and space, and attach archetypical metaphors into our own lives, may reignite a creative spark to connect with the struggles of man not only across the ages, but also across cultures, borders - physical or imagined- in our common quest for a meaningful existence.

Thanks, Nello Dell'Omo, for the amazing cover art, and my muse Ellen Ringstad for deepening my interest in world mythology, as well as proposing the album title and co-writing the lyrics.

I would also like to thank Zsolt Meszaros for his groovy drums, Eric Ragno for sprinkling magic with tasty keyboard parts and Fritz Arild Aga for playing live bass on two of the songs. Mixing was done by my favorite sound engineer Eirik Grønner at Demningen Studio and mastering by Bruno Gruel at French Audio Village. I am super grateful for your contributions.”


Full details of Terje can be found at: Terje Eide Official Website.


Source: Rob McKenzie


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Aug 05, 2023
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Sounds great



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