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Swedish Melodic Rock group Arkado to release their second album "Open ​Sea".


Embark on a sonic voyage with Swedish Melodic Rock group Arkado's highly anticipated second album, "Open Sea," set to make waves worldwide on February 22nd, 2024, under the banner of Pride & Joy Music!

Building upon the infectious melodies and sing-along choruses that defined their debut "Never Say Never" (2020), "Open Sea" introduces a slightly symphonic and heavier dimension to Arkado's signature sound. The first single "You Make Me Feel“ was released in Summer 2023 in advance.

Crafted with precision, the album was brought to life through the skilled hands of Mikael Svensson, recording and mixing at LdM Studios in Helsingborg, Sweden, and mastered by Thomas Plec Johansson at Panic Room in Gothenburg, Sweden. The captivating artwork, courtesy of Nello Dell’Omo, visually complements the musical journey that awaits.

Join Arkado as they navigate the boundless expanse of the "Open Sea," where melody meets symphony in a harmonious fusion!



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