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SILVERA: new single "Utopian", featuring Dreamshade, out now


"Utopian" is available now as a digital single and lyric video.


In the final stages of recording their sophomore album, Danish rockers SILVERA realized that two more songs were needed to complete the project. In a spontaneous turn of events, they decided to write one of these songs in the studio - a completely new process for them. As soon as the layers were added to the "Utopian", that comes out today as Silvera's new digital single, the band sensed that they had introduced a fresh element to the Silvera flavour.

Inspiration struck, which led the collective to consider featuring harsh vocals on the song. That's when they reached out to the talented individuals from Dreamshade, sharing their vision for the track. Their immediate understanding and incredible contribution transformed the song into something truly special.

Lyrically, the narrative revolves around the human imagination's pursuit of utopia - a place where perfection becomes reality. Follow a diverse group as they embark on a quest for this idyllic haven, seeking refuge from the flaws of reality. Venturing into unexplored territories.

A new Silvera album will be released in 2024.



Michael Krogh – guitar & vocals

Simon Krabbesmark – guitar & backing vocals

Rasmus Lindegård Hovde – bass & backing vocals

Martin Nielsen – drums








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