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Scarlet Rebels Rail Against Tories

photo credit © Rob Blackham
photo credit © Rob Blackham

Striking whilst the general election campaigning is hot, Welsh rock firebrands Scarlet Rebels release their new anti-Conservative single “Divide and Conquer”. View their scathing Instagram call-out clip here.

Despite having had to cancel their free fundraising gig for food banks at the last minute in 2022 due to third party concerns with their anti-Conservative album cover 'See Through Blue', the band continue to defiantly call out the Conservative government for its wrongs via their new album 'Where The Colours Meet' – certitudes that are more important than ever to shine a spotlight on as the UK is now in the midst of a general election.

Using their stance as a UK Top 10 band to fight for what they believe is the UK's chance at a more responsible government, “Divide and Conquer” (written by frontman Wayne Doyle and lead guitarist Chris Jones) underlines the Conservative government's “misleading” of the UK into market crashes and the doubling of NHS waiting times.

Doyle, the band's lyricist, comments: “What I've seen from the Tory Party is 14 years of abject leadership, constantly creating divisions, shifting blame, senior figures feathering their own nests and using diversion tactics and propaganda to try and take people’s eyes off of what is actually going on.

“After 14 years in power, with everything much worse than it was before, with the highest office position in the country having been passed around like a shitty stick between politicians and so-called leaders that we didn’t elect… I wanted to have my say. We deserve better.”

He continues: “I hope that “Divide and Conquer” will resonate with the vast majority of people, whether they have voted for the Conservative Party in the past or not. It seems clear as day to me that what we’ve had isn’t what anyone voted for or asked for.

“I’ve had a little bit of grief for writing about politics in the past, from people on the internet – ‘Hey, don’t you dare use music to tell people your opinions’, says person on the internet giving their opinion. That always makes me smile.”

“Divide and Conquer” is taken from Scarlet Rebels' new album 'Where The Colours Meet' - out on 16th August 2024 and available to pre-order on limited edition vinyl, signed CD, collector's bundles and more at


Scarlet Rebels:

Wayne Doyle – vocals, guitar

Chris Jones - lead guitar

Gary Doyle – drums

Carl Oag – bass guitar


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