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Saturday’s Heroes release new single "By My Side"

Saturday's Heroes

Pre-order ”Wanderlust & Hardships” on vinyl:


Saturday‘s Heroes‘ will release the studio recorded, full length album ”Wanderlust & Hardships” on the 13th of October, 2023. Recorded with the acclaimed producer Niels Nielsen, known for his work with In Flames, Dead Soul, Ghost, and MCC, ”Wanderlust & Hardships” is Saturday‘s Heroes most ambitious album yet, and captures the Swedish group‘s melodic and vibrant take on punk rock perfectly. The third and final single leading up to the new album is called ”By My Side” and is released on all streaming platforms on the 15th of September via Lövely Records. The band says:

This fast paced, anthemic and heart warming song celebrates the camaraderie and loyalty that comes with growing up together. It is about the people who have been there through thick and thin, and the memories we shared.

If you follow the smoke from the industrial work sites, wander through the empty streets of a small town and listen after the tube amp blasting out dreams from the edge of town, you will find the spark that started Saturday's Heroes over a decade ago.

When friends get together to carry out something, it does not matter where you are born or what type of cards you have been dealt. When the two brothers Alex and Mikael Lachan grew up in the small town of Finspång, music was the highway and the world was the destination.

Playing together in the basement every day since they were kids, they formed a bond that would translate into an explosive live show years later.

The rejuvenated band hammers out a sound that is energetic enough to sustain a live show revolution, talented enough to keep your attention and welcoming enough to let your voice sing the anthemic choruses like there was no tomorrow.Over the span of their career they have released three full length albums, two EPs and multiple digital singles. They have toured Europe many times and played with bands such as Millencolin, Street Dogs, Asta Kask and received praise from bands such as Dropkick Murphys.

Over ten years of being a band, consistent touring and learning all the lessons the hard way has shaped this band. Saturday's Heroes have played on all types of stages in front of all types of crowds, whether it is a festival in front of thousands or a packed small club.

Now in 2023 they are back with a brand new full length album called Wanderlust & Hardships. Recorded with the acclaimed producer Niels Nielsen, known for his work with In Flames, Dead Soul, Ghost, and MCC, the album showcases the band's signature sound that blends hard-hitting instrumentals with anthemic lyrics. Fans can expect a celebratory and energetic tone that is sure to get them involved.

They have transformed from a small town dream to a heartfelt reality.


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