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New eGift Cards From Fireworks Rock & Metal Magazine!

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What do you give to the Rock and Metal head that you know who has everything? Apart from a course of antibiotics, you can now give them one of our new eGift Cards to spend on whatever they see in our online shop!

Available as £10 (ideal for buying or pre-ordering the latest printed edition), £20, £35 (Ideal for UK subscriptions), £50, £60 (Ideal for European subscriptions), £80 (Ideal for Rest Of The World subscriptions), and £100 denominations, we have an amount to suit all, and you can save what you don't spend and use it later (within the card's thirteen-month expiry date), as long as you keep your unique eGift Card number safe.

Purchasing them is simple as well. Head to either Gift Card | FireworksMagazine ( or look under the 'About' tab in the menu and find the heading 'Gift Card' and click on it. Choose the denomination you wish to buy, the quantity of cards you would like, and whether it's for yourself or a gift for someone else. Fill in the details, including the date you would like the card to be sent (only available if sending the eGift Card to someone else) and a message and follow the instructions for payment.

We hope you enjoy this new Fireworks Rock & Metal Magazine family addition. They are ideal for special days such as Mother and Father Days, Birthdays and Christmas!


Instructions on how to redeem a Fireworks Rock & Metal Magazine eGift Card


When you, or the person you have ordered for, receives the eGift Card, it will contain a code as shown below (in the example below, it's 82YXX551C8KD0T45) and the expiration date (please make a note of this as money not spent after the expiration date has passed will not be refunded or transferred onto any other payment device).

Email containing the eGift Card
Email containing the eGift Card

When you have looked at our online shop and the item(s) you want have been chosen and placed into your basket, you need to use the 'Checkout' option to pay using the eGift Card (see below)

Choose the Checkout option to use the eGift Card.
Choose the Checkout option to use the eGift Card.

When you get to the 'Checkout" page, click the 'Redeem a gift card' link (see below)

Redeem a gift card section at main checkout
Redeem a gift card section at main checkout

Enter your eGift Card number (in this example: 82YXX551C8KD0T45) into the box and press the 'Apply' button. This action will then take off the whole, or if used as part payment towards an item, the amount left on the eGift Card, which will alter the final amount to be paid by another payment method if needed.

Enter the eGift Card number and press 'Apply'
Enter the eGift Card number and press 'Apply'

Please note that you will also have to complete the rest of the form with your details for delivery.


Frequently Asked Questions


"Can I buy these eGift Cards for myself and someone else?"

Yes, choose who you want to send them to and fill in the necessary fields to send your eGift Card to the person of your choice.

"I want to buy one for someone else but don't want to send it yet, can I choose a date to send it?"

Yes, you can schedule a date for the eGift Card to be delivered.

"Do I have to spend the full amount on the eGift Card in one transaction?"

No, as long as you have the eGift Card code, you can spend any money on the card whenever you wish, as long as it is within the expiration date of the eGift Card.

"Do the eGift Cards have an expiry date?"

Yes, they expire 13 months from the date of purchase.

"Can these eGift Cards only be used in your online shop?"

Yes, they are only for use in our online shop and have no value elsewhere.

"Can I transfer any unused value on the eGift Card onto another card or claim any unused value as money?"



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