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MISTER MISERY Unleashes Gripping New Single "Hand Of Death"!

photo source: Mister Misery
photo source: Mister Misery

"Hand Of Death" is now premiering and available on all digital services at:


Following previously-released, new tracks "Root Of All Evil" and "Boogeyman Boogie", today, Sweden's MISTER MISERY are presenting their latest single "Hand Of Death"!

“Hand Of Death talks about how hard it can be to just get through the day sometimes." The band comments. "It’s a reflection of what many of us feel quite often in life and how bad your thoughts can get when you suffer inside without talking about it to anyone.”

MISTER MISERY is an innovative, modern and ground-breaking metal band from Sweden.

Blending clean and gritty vocals along with high-voltage riffs and anthemic choruses, they have developed a unique sound and style, and one that captures the essence of all the sub-genres in modern heavy music.

Since forming back in 2018, MISTER MISERY have released two critically acclaimed studio albums (Unalive and A Brighter Side Of Death) and several highly praised and top-playlisted singles to date. Paired with an obscene and theatrical appearance, they create an experience that speaks to all senses. MISTER MISERY has become a force that crushes stages on the biggest festival the scene has to offer, such as Wacken Open Air, Master of Rock, Full Metal Cruise, Hills Of Rock to name just a few. MISTER MISERY has played as support of some of the most prestigious bands in metal, such as Nightwish and Dream Theater in front of over 15.000 people. One thing is for certain: They will leave NO survivors!

The band is currently gearing up for an exciting, new chapter of their career, and has just recently joined forces with AFM Records, who will proudly release their forthcoming album in 2024!



Harley Vendetta - Vocals/Guitar

Alex Nine - Lead Guitar/Backup Vocals

Rizzy - Drums/Backup Vocals

Alex Alister - Bass/Backup Vocals


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