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Mike Tramp announces new album 'Songs of White Lion — Vol.II' out August 23rd.

Photo Credit: Jakob Muxoll
Photo Credit: Jakob Muxoll

Respected vocalist and guitarist MIKE TRAMP returns with 'Songs Of White Lion – Vol. II' which will drop on August 23rd via Frontiers Music Srl. The album's ten tracks once again see TRAMP re-imagining select cuts from his former band White Lion.

To herald the album's announcement, TRAMP shares its first single, "Lights and Thunder," accompanied by a new music video.

MIKE TRAMP comments on the new release:

"Would Leonardo Da Vinci have re-painted Mona Lisa, if he had gotten a second chance? That we will never know, but I can say for sure, that I am beyond thrilled to have gotten a second chance to re-record and sing the songs I wrote between 1983 -1990. Today I have such a better understanding of how I want to express the songs in my voice than I had when I was in my 20’s, it’s just a fact, and I’ve grabbed the chance. 'Songs Of White Lion' is a whole new chapter, matter of fact it is current."

TRAMP will embark on an extended tour supporting 'Songs Of White Lion Vol.II' starting in the mid-August. See HERE for a current list of dates.

MIKE TRAMP came to prominence in the music world with White Lion, who formed in 1983. After signing to Atlantic Records, the band enjoyed great success with their second album 'Pride' in 1987, which included the hits "Wait" and "When the Children Cry". The band's third album, 'Big Game' (1991), and fourth album, 'Mane Attraction' (1992) continued the band's winning streak, but ultimately WHITE LION disbanded in 1992.

After WHITE LION, TRAMP formed the hard rock band Freak Of Nature, who had a decidedly darker and harder vibe than White Lion. Freak Of Nature would release three studio albums before disbanding in 1996. In 1998, Tramp kicked off his solo career with the album, 'Capricorn'; in 2002, his second solo album 'Recovering The Wasted Years' was released. TRAMP would then take a break from his solo career from 2004-2008 to tour and record under the name Mike Tramp's White Lion and eventually under the name White Lion, releasing the album 'Return Of The Pride' in 2008.

Since 2009, TRAMP has been writing and recording as a solo artist releasing nine studio albums, including his most recent, 2022's 'For Første Gang.' He has also been a consistent presence on the road, both as an acoustic solo artist and with a backing band, with no plans of slowing down anytime soon.


'Songs of White Lion — Vol.II' Track List:

1. Lights & Thunder

2. Lonely Nights

3. Till Death Do Us Part

4. El Salvador

5. The Road To Valhalla

6. Don't Give Up

7. You're AII I Need

8. Out With The Boys

9. All You Need Is Rock'n’Roll

10. Farewell To You

Total time: 0.44.12



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