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MASTER BOOT RECORD Announces North American Spring Tour.


Italy-based electronic metal project MASTER BOOT RECORD (MBR) will make its way to North American soil this Spring for a rare ten-date run of live performances!

MASTER BOOT RECORD is helmed by technologist/producer/songwriter Victor Love (AKA Vittorio D‘Amore). Founded in 2016, Love fuses heavy metal and synthesized electronic music to fabricate a sound that exists in a singular category of its own. The live shows see D'Amore taking the stage along with guitar virtuoso Edoardo Taddei on lead guitars and technical death metal drummer Giulio Galati and features stunning retro-visuals in a journey into demoscene, crack scene, and retrogaming.

Love comments, "The live sound of MASTER BOOT RECORD is the result of combining synth guitars and chiptune leads from studio albums written by myself via MIDI with live performed guitars playing in sync with them. This is especially challenging for lead guitar parts that aren't written according to natural guitar playing positions. By combining synthesizers and real instruments -- baritone guitar, lead guitar and drums -- the live show of MBR is a different experience from the studio albums that are instead 100% synthesized."

The MASTER BOOT RECORD live journey will commence on May 2nd at Saint Vitus Bar in Brooklyn, New York and close on May 12th in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Tickets are on sale now at See all confirmed dates below.

Watch a MASTER BOOT RECORD live video from Helsinki HERE:


MASTER BOOT RECORD‘s most recent studio offering, Personal Computer, was released in 2022 on Metal Blade Records. Personal Computer serves as Love‘s eighth full-length album since emerging —as an 8-bit ghost —from the bulletin board system (BBS) scene in 2016. A symbolism-rich mélange of intensely ornate yet driving digital orchestrations, don‘t call Personal Computer synthwave, or whatever new-fangled term is being used to describe MASTER BOOT RECORD‘s masterful video game-like scoring. To put it simply: this is metal done with a synth.

Notes Love, "The main elements include chiptune, demoscene, and video game music, thrash/death metal and some black metal as well as classical and symphonic patterns and progressive structures. But everything is programmed and done with synthesizers."

The result, influenced as much by classical baroque music, Bay Area thrash, and Commodore 64 games, is a frenzied mashup of what logic suggests should be disparate sounds, but in the hands of MBR, make sense, taking the listener in unexpected and always thrilling directions, smashing through genre walls.

Preview and purchase Personal Computer at:



5/02/2024 Saint Vitus Bar – Brooklyn, NY

5/03/2024 The Stone Church – Brattleboro, VT

5/04/2024 Le Foufounes Electriques – Montreal, QC

5/05/2024 Hard Luck – Toronto, ON

5/07/2024 Ace Of Cups – Columbus, OH

5/08/2024 Portal – Louisville, KY

5/09/2024 Reggies – Chicago, IL

5/10/2024 Westside Bowl (Downstairs) – Youngstown, OH

5/11/2024 Milk Boy – Philadelphia, PA

5/12/2024 Middle East (Upstairs) – Cambridge, MA


“Creative, crushing and thrillingly over-the-top…” – Blabbermouth

“Victor Love has risen to the occasion as a purveyor of aggressive avant-garde chiptunes. Love's synthesized instrumentation reveals an expressive array of classically-tinged dehumanized symphonies.” -- Metal Injection

"Enigmatic, glitched-out chiptuned shredding" – MetalSucks

“The grand crescendos create excitement, and the lulls create a dire suspense...the frontiers of metal have just gotten richer... and Victor Love is leading the way with MASTER BOOT RECORD.” -- The Spill Magazine

"A unique take on metal by completely digitizing it and turning it into something different, grand, epic, and pretty brutal" -- Dead Rhetoric






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