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LAZARUS DREAM - Imaginary Life

Lazarus Dream

"Imaginary Life", will be released on January 19th, 2024 via Pride & Joy Music!


The German hard rock band LAZARUS DREAM with their third album "Imaginary Life" in the starting blocks!

The core team, consisting of multi-instrumentalist/composer Markus Pfeffer (BARNABAS SKY, ex-SCARLETT) and vocalist Carsten Lizard Schulz, (ex-DOMAIN/EVIDENCE ONE) has meanwhile been expanded by drummer Markus Herzog (a.o. DOUBLE CRUSH SYNDROME, CHERIE CURRIE/ex-THE RUNAWAYS).

From the more experimental approaches of the previous album "Lifeline", the trio consciously took distance and 0returns specifically to the melodic hard rock roots of the debut album "Alive" and puts the focus back more on catchy hooks and choruses, groovy riffs and melodies.

On the title track, VANDEN PLAS guitarist Stephan Lill shines with an impressive guest solo (Lill was Markus Pfeffer's guitar teacher in the late '80s, by the way). The first single "My Prayer" is an elegiac standout track that combines clean delay guitars à la PINK FLOYD, edgy riffs and filigree guitar solos of the "eighties shredder" brand with emotional vocals and bombastic vocal arrangements by Schulz that would also have suited a gospel choir. Other highlights are the AOR opener "The Sweetest Chaos", the ballad "Beauty Among The Ruins", the synth-hooked up-tempo rocker "Rebel Again" and the seven-minute-long closing epic "Empire Of Thorns".

The impressive artwork is the brainchild of the well-known French artist Stan W. Decker (NIGHT RANGER, STRYPER, BLUE OYSTER CULT, among others), mastering was done by Rolf Munkes at Empire Studios/Bensheim.



Carsten Lizard Schulz: Vocals

Markus Pfeffer: Guitars, Bass, Synths

Markus Herzog: Drums


Thomas Rieder: Percussions





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