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Kyiv-based Metal Rock Upstarters, CrossChains, Unleash Debut Album "Deathgrip"

Cross Chain

Today, almost exactly two years after the Russian invasion – Ukrainian rock / alternative metal band CrossChains releases their first full-length album "Deathgrip". Available as Jewel Case CD via Drakkar Entertainment, the band's impressive debut is out now at

With "Deathgrip", CrossChains try to cope with all the horror and pain that got imposed on the Ukrainian people. Featuring guest appearances of such as former ASKING ALEXANDRIA frontman Denis Stoff, the Kyiv-based band's music is a mezmerizing blend of massive guitar sound and the gentle, almost vulnerable spirit of frontman Eugene's vocal melody.

About their new single and music video, "Massive", that premiered today, the singer reveals:

""Massive" is a perfect song to describe the whole album and our condition from day 1 to release date. It's big, loud, terrifying, it's - massive. The song is a mirror of ourselves, we are unbreakble hero who cherish his dream, and nothing can change that, but also it is a music that perfectly can describe a panic attack, it's unstable and heavy.

The actual lyrics are about my fight with deep depression and those voices in my head that whispered me terrifying things. If you are fighting right now with your bad mental condition - there's a spoiler for you - "you'll win this fight, just keep going'...

The video is full of symbolism and everyone who been thought taught times will clearly read them between the lines. The lighthouse in the middle of the ruined city is a guide for those seeking salvation. One night I had a massive panic attack, and those visions. Those creatures with white melted faces ripped into my head and made a mess, broke me. "Massive" is a literary conversation between me, the other me, my wife, who helped me to recover from this condition and those voices in my head."

About their album "Deathgrip", he comments:

"We worked on this album for too long, that's why I don't want talk about too much. This album is a sincere love letter for everything that inspired us and made us who we are today.

We are not holding to modern metal trends on this album, we just wrote the songs what we always wanted to record. So just listen to the whole thing for a couple of times and try to feel it. Let it into your heart and let it settle there, you'll love it. The album is a full story from start to end with direct message to listener almost in every song."



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