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JATD - new single "Mystery Train" available now!


Germany-based Rock singer Janina Dietz has released her new single "Mystery Train" with her band JATD a few days ago via Comand Records!

JATD Janina Dietz - singer, composer and voice-over artist & Robert Papst multi instrumentalist, composer and producer... Lyrics written by Harald Bob Zimmermann... Collaborations on this track with, Matt Beck (Matchbox 20) Lap Steel, Nick Buda (Taylor Swift) Drums and John “Rhino“ Edwards (Status Quo) Bass.

About The Song

Polarity is the measure. From dusk till dawn, from living to dying. That’s what JATD shows in their recent tune, “Mystery Train“. Drifting through a baffling universe of sensations, the sound of dazing guitars merges with tonal experience and 80s-rock-speckles. Driven by mysterious power, it all concludes in enigmatic redemption.



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