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Ian Hunter - Announce "Defiance Part 2: Fiction" - First Single "Precious" Ft. Joe Elliott, Brian May & Taylor Hawkins Out Now.




Legendary singer-songwriter, author, and rock ‘n’ roll star Ian Hunter is proud to announce his eagerly awaited new album, DEFIANCE PART 2: FICTION, arriving via the Sun Records label on Friday, April 19, 2024. The 10-song collection will be available on standard vinyl, CD, and digital download. A limited edition 2LP vinyl edition of DEFIANCE PART 2: FICTION featuring 3 bonus tracks will be available exclusively on Record Store Day, set for Saturday, April 20. Pre-orders are available HERE.

DEFIANCE PART 2: FICTION sees Ian Hunter following last year’s critically acclaimed DEFIANCE PART 1 with a second collection of mighty new songs as impassioned and powerful as anything in his landmark hall of fame-worthy canon. Like its predecessor, the new album boasts one of the most dazzling all-star lineups ever committed to record, including such close friends and lifelong fans as Robin Zander, Rick Nielsen, and Tom Petersson (Cheap Trick), Brian May (Queen), Lucinda Williams, Dean DeLeo, Robert De Leo, & Eric Kretz (Stone Temple Pilots), Joe Elliott and Phil Collen (Def Leppard), Johnny Depp, Billy Bob Thornton and J.D. Andrew (The Boxmasters), Benmont Tench (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Bob Dylan), Waddy Wachtel (Stevie Nicks, Jackson Browne), David Mansfield (Bob Dylan, T Bone Burnett), Tony Shanahan (Patti Smith), Steve Holley (Wings), Morgan Fisher (Mott the Hoople), and – in what proved among their final studio recordings – the late, great Jeff Beck and Taylor Hawkins (Foo Fighters). Additionally, for the Record Store Day Vinyl the special guests on two tracks include: Mike McCready and Matt Cameron (Pearl Jam), Chris Robinson and Rich Robinson (The Black Crowes).

DEFIANCE PART 2: FICTION – which features an original cover painting by Depp – includes the electrifying first single, “Precious,” featuring Taylor Hawkins on drums, Joe Elliott on background vocals and instantly identifiable guitar from longtime mate Brian May (who began his own road to superstardom when Queen supported Mott the Hoople on their blockbuster 1974 tour of the UK and North America). “Precious” premieres today on all DSPs and streaming services.

“We got on really well with Queen,” Hunter says. “When you’re in a band you can get really bored with each other but they were just normal blokes, it was like being on the road with nine guys instead of just five. Freddie was hilarious and I’ve kept up with Brian to this day.”

Ian Hunter has stood in the spotlight for nearly seven decades, from fronting Mott the Hoople and his renowned partnership with Mick Ronson to his internationally lauded 21st century renaissance with the Rant Band. The DEFIANCE project came together in 2020 as Hunter worked on new songs in his Connecticut basement alongside his longtime collaborator, guitarist/producer/multi-instrumentalist Andy York. With quarantine rules in effect, longtime manager Mike Kobayashi and famed rock ‘n’ roll photographer Ross Halfin suggested Hunter reach out to some of his friends and fellow artists to fill in the tracks. A spectacular selection of stars immediately agreed, building out Hunter’s demos with their trademark talents.

Hailed by Classic Rock Magazine as “a collection of brilliant, swinging rockers,” DEFIANCE PART 1 proved among the most critically lauded collections of Hunter’s brilliant career, named by Classic Rock Magazine among “The 50 Best Rock Albums of the Year,” by Ultimate Classic Rock as one of “Top 30 Rock Albums of 2023,” and by MOJO as one of “The 50 Best Albums of 2023,” the latter declaring it “one of those rare all-star affairs that transcended the sum of its parts. A crunchy reiteration of rock’n’roll’s foundational allure, from one who’d been there, done that and, of course, wrote the book.”

Now Hunter returns with DEFIANCE PART 2: FICTION, again boasting a historic roster of guest artists while evincing a harder lyrical edge and denser musical approach. Having long used his voice to explore and examine contemporary issues, Hunter is once more pointing his passionate pen at a society seemingly more out of control with each passing day.

“I was trying to avoid all that on PART 1,” Hunter says, “but on PART 2, it caught up with me. Most of those were written two or three years back, so I wanted to get it all out before whatever takes hold in November. It would be dated after the fact.”

Songs like the legalization anthem “Weed” – featuring Stone Temple Pilots’ Dean DeLeo (guitar), Robert De Leo (bass), and Eric Kretz (drums) and the epic “Fiction” – with keyboards from Mott the Hoople’s Morgan Fisher and a stirring string arrangement from David Mansfield (Bob Dylan, T Bone Burnett) – are full of righteous fury and vibrant spirit, Hunter’s perspective and gift for protest music as clear-eyed and independent as ever

“I'm neither left nor particularly right,” Hunter adds. “I'm just straight down the middle. And so I tried to write from that point of view. An eagle has two wings and if one falls off it perishes. That's what I'm trying to get at. A bit of common sense, you know, Thomas Paine stuff.”

Countless highlights abound through DEFIANCE PART 2: FICTION, from a pair of irresistibly crunchy rockers (“People” and “Kettle of Fish”) featuring three founding members of Cheap Trick to the raw, emotional “What Would I Do Without You,” the latter of which sees Hunter sharing lead vocals with Lucinda Williams – the first duet in his extensive canon.

“Lucinda and her husband came to one of my shows in Nashville,” Hunter says. “I love her voice, there’s something very childlike, and you just know it’s her straight away. You don’t forget that voice.”

Much to his surprise, Hunter is currently hard at work writing songs for a third installment in the DEFIANCE project. Though born from expediency and quarantine, the communal nature of DEFIANCE has proven a remarkably fruitful creative path for Ian Hunter, still another collaborative milestone in his indefatigable journey through rock ‘n’ roll.

“I never initiated this,” Ian Hunter says. “It just kind of just happened and it turned out great. So I’m going to write some more songs and we’ll see what happens again.”



“DEFIANCE PART 1 makes abundantly clear, Hunter won’t be going gently – or depressedly – into that good night. The first of two new LPs giving the middle-finger to ageism and retirement, this is a buoyant, celebratory affair.” – MOJO (****)

“One of Britain's great songwriters delivers a shining example of his craft…DEFIANCE PART 1 (great name) may be Hunter's eighteenth or so album (not counting his records with Mott The Hoople), but in its speed, its swing, its songs and its attitude it's more like a debut… Nobody but Ian Hunter has the power, at this point in their career, to sound so fresh, so new and so exciting.” – CLASSIC ROCK (**** ½)

“High-energy, loud and impassioned…A star-studded affair, DEFIANCE PART 1 demonstrates how brightly the ‘true spirit of rock’n’roll’ still burns within the former Mott The Hoople frontman.” – UNCUT

“One of the finest rock line-ups cemented in the modern era, but also a fair tribute to Hunter’s own legacy as a musician and songwriter.” – GUITAR WORLD

“Terrific tunes, which Hunter attacks with more vigor than many a quarter of his age…Hunter’s remained relevant with credible albums featuring his strident, Dylan-inspired rocking and insurgent, edgy vocals. As the ‘PART 1’ in this album’s rebellious name implies, he’s not through yet.” – AMERICAN SONGWRITER

“DEFIANCE PART 1 rocks with a charged conviction that lives up to its title…It's a genuine joy to listen to Hunter truly kill on the rockers, expressing true defiance – of society and failed political discourse as well as age…DEFIANCE PART 1 is indeed a killer, and it makes us that more excited to tuck into PART 2.” –


“Hunter’s formula has remained consistent: humanistic lyrics about life, love, and the crazy culture that we find ourselves in, served up via crunching rock and roll riffs or as tender, emotional ballads. His voice has not degraded much over the years; nor has his wit or candor. The fact that DEFIANCE PART 1 is on the legendary Sun Records suggests that he is a living master who isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.” –


“Some of the most raucous songs Hunter has recorded in decades…Hunter manages to sound as relevant as he’s ever been, five decades into his career…Remarkably fun and proof that Hunter is still at the top of his game.” – NEW NOISE





(Sun Records)

Release Date: Friday, April 19, 2024


1. People

Dane Clark: Drums

Tom Petersson: Bass

Robin Zander: Keyboard, Background Vocals

Robin-Sailor, RTZ: Background Vocals

Rick Nielsen: Electric Rhythm and Lead Guitars

Mark Bosch: Electric Guitar

Joe Elliott: Background Vocals

Ian Hunter: Piano

2. Fiction

Dane Clark: Drums, China Cymbal

Steve Holley: Tambourine, Toms, Cymbal Swell

David Mansfield: Strings and String Arrangement

Morgan Fisher: Piano Solo and Organ

Andy York: Bass, 12-String, Baritone and Electric Guitar

Ian Hunter: Piano

3. The 3rd Rail

Dane Clark: Drums

Tony Shanahan: Bass

Jeff Beck - Lead Guitar

Johnny Depp: Acoustic and Electric Rhythm Guitar

Ian Hunter: Piano

(Dedicated to Jeff)

4. This Ain’t Rock And Roll

Dane Clark: Drums

Tony Shanahan: Bass

Phil Collen: Background Vocals

Andy York: Slide and Electric Guitar

Ian Hunter: Piano

5. Precious

Taylor Hawkins: Drums

Brian May: Electric Rhythm and Lead Guitars, Bass

Joe Elliott: Background Vocals

James Mastro: Sax Abuse

Ian Hunter: Piano

6. Weed

Eric Kretz: Drums

Robert De Leo: Bass

Dean DeLeo: Electric Rhythm and Lead Guitars, Slide Guitar

Andy Burton: Organ

Dennis DiBrizzi: Background Vocals

Ian Hunter: Piano

7. Kettle Of Fish

Taylor Hawkins: Drums

Dane Clark: Drums and Snare Section

Tom Petersson: Bass

Robin Zander: Background Vocal

Rick Nielsen: Electric Rhythm and Lead Guitars

Steve Holley: Tambourine

Tommy Mandel: Organ

Andy York: Baritone Guitar, Background Vocal

Ian Hunter: Electric Guitar

8. What Would I Do Without You

Dane Clark: Drums

Lucinda Williams: Lead and Background Vocals

Benmont Tench: Organ

Tony Shanahan: Bass

Andy Burton: Electric Piano

Andy York: Baritone Guitar

Ian Hunter: Piano

9. Everybody’s Crazy But Me

Taylor Hawkins: Drums

Waddy Wachtel: Electric Rhythm and Lead Guitars

Benmont Tench: Organ

Steve Holley: Maracas, Tambourine

Paul Page: Bass

James Mastro: Electric Guitar

Dennis DiBrizzi, Andy York: Background Vocals

Ian Hunter: Piano

10. Hope

Taylor Hawkins: Drums, Bass

Lucinda Williams: Harmony Vocal

Billy Bob Thornton: Background Vocals

Benmont Tench: Synth

Steve Holley: Maracas, Tambourine

J.D. Andrew: Electric Guitar

Andy York: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar

Ian Hunter: Piano


11. Normal Service Will Be Resumed As Soon As Possible

Kevin Hupp: Drums, Percussion

Frank Gagliardi: Bass

Rick Tedesco: Electric Guitars, 12-String Acoustic, Background Vocals

John Liguori, Michael Tedesco: Background Vocals

Ian Hunter: Acoustic Guitars

12. Needle Park

Dane Clark: Drums

Rich Robinson: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar

Chris Robinson: Background Vocals, Harmonica

Tony Shanahan: Bass

Mark Bosch: Electric Guitar, Solo

Steve Holley: Shaker

Ian Hunter: Piano

13. How’d Ya Like To Meet Henry

Matt Cameron: Drums, Percussion

Mike McCready: Electric Guitar

Joe Elliott: Background Vocals

Mark Bosch: Electric Guitar

James Mastro: Resonator Guitar

Andy York: Bass

Ian Hunter: Piano

All Songs Written By Ian Hunter

Produced By Andy York and Ian Hunter

Mixed By James Frazee






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