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I'LL BE DAMNED release live album on November 24th.

I'll Be Damned © Carsten Wyrle
I'll Be Damned © Carsten Wyrle

We all know bands like I'LL BE DAMNED that, no matter how good their albums and music are - and the Danish band really knows how to write and record good music - they'll always top themselves in the live environment. Those who witnessed any gig of the fab five from Aarhus know what we're talking about here.

And now YOU are about to know it too, as I'll Be Damned will release their first live album ever, simply titled "Live At Radar", on November 24th via Mighty Music. Recorded at a sweat-soaked, sold-out night at the Radar, in their own hometown of Aarhus, the recording, which will be available in a digital format, features 16 tracks, with a natural focus on the latest album "Culture", but also a few back-catalog anthems and a heartfelt cover version of Entombed's "Wolverine Blues". A perfect night, in which I'll Be Damned had a few friends from Baest and Plaguemace on stage, immortalized in an audio and video document that will witness forever just how strong this band is every time they step on a stage.

“Live At Radar” will be released in digital format via Mighty Music on November 24th, 2023.

I'll Be Damned was formed in Aarhus in 2010. In 2022 the band completed a transition that started after the release of their second album in 2018. Armed with two new members and a constant flow of inspiration from a world gone mad, I'll Be Damned released the album "Culture" on Mighty Music/Target Group.

The sound was still God Damned Rock’n’Roll. Metallic, melodic and heavier than ever before. Anders Gyldenøhr (ex-Grope, ex-Hatesphere) joined the band on drums and Mark Damgaard was the new vocalist, which has added explosively to the power dynamic of the band. During the following spring tour "Culture" was performed live for the first time along with a lot of songs from the two prior albums, which resulted in nothing short of a full-length live album along with video footage of the whole concert - "Live At Radar" - filmed by Jeff Kwadwo at a completely sold out show at the venue Radar, located in the bands’ hometown Aarhus. The whole show is mixed and mastered by Tue Madsen at Antfarm Studios. I’LL BE DAMNED has always been a tad more aggressive live than on the studio records which clearly comes to show on this live album, which also includes special guest performances on stage from members of the bands Baest and Plaguemace. During the years I'll Be Damned has released three critically acclaimed records in cooperation with Prime Collective, Drakkar Entertainment, and Danish label Mighty Music. In addition to two Denmark tours, I'll Be Damned has supported the likes of Metallica, Airbourne, D-A-D and Dizzy Mizz Lizzy as well as they have been featured on a lot of festivals in Germany and back home in Denmark – among others Copenhell.

Coverphoto by Jeff Kwadwo | Cover art by Malte Burup & The Outerzone
Coverphoto by Jeff Kwadwo | Cover art by Malte Burup & The Outerzone

"Live At Radar" tracklist:

1. Fuck You Money

2. Believe It

3. Fever

4. Run Me Over

5. You Are The Young

6. Primal Fear

7. Hanging Job

8. Your Only Home

9. Just Ain't Right

10. Good Talk, Not Happening

11. Forever, Right?

12. Pigburner

13. Wolverine Blues

14. Drainage

15. Hell Come (Take Me Now)

16. All Be Damned



Mark Damgaard - vocals

Boris Tandrup - guitars

Kristian Sloth - lead guitars

Jens Lunde - bass

Anders Gyldenøhr- drums



Mighty Music


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