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Heartline - 'Rock 'N' Roll Queen'

Heart Line 'Rock 'N' Roll Queen'

What a punchy synth-driven starter – when they tell us ‘I Am The Night’, I won’t argue. However, the shiny twinkle of ‘Call Of The Wild’ is AOR goodness alright, plus that uber widdly solo seals the deal.

Then the smoky eighties’ grown-up AOR of ‘The Last Time’ begs for the “Top 10”, but it’s followed by the tight Van Halen riffing of the title-track. ‘Hard To Believe’ is excessively perky – but what’s excess here?

Oh, my word... that blocky, punchy synth ushering in a soft verse, those pushing through shoulder pads, and the arena-filling intention of bolt of energy ‘The Fire Sill Burns’; these are all quite special.

This French fancy is rather strong, in a very AOR way, an eighties way... perhaps the best way.


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