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FULL EARTH (feat. members of Kanaan & Motorpsycho) Release New Single "Echo Tears"!

photo: Thea Grant]
photo: Thea Grant

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Cloud Sculptors is the debut album of the experimental Oslo based rock-quintet Full Earth.

Full Earth is the latest psychedelic wunderkind from the far north. Headed by and centered around composer and drummer Ingvald Vassbø (best known for his stellar drumming in Kanaan, now also playing with Motorpsycho), the ambitious new band is rounded out by Kanaan bandmates Ask Vatn Strøm and Eskild Myrvoll, as well as bassist Simen Wie and organist/synthesist Øystein Aadland.

After the band recently shared their album title track Cloud Sculptors (listen via, now, Full Earth are presenting a second song, titled Echo Tears. Says Ingvald Vassbø:

"A few years ago, I was totally in love with the early and cosmic synth-works of Daniel Lopatin, and listened to it almost every night before going to sleep. It was a really fun process to let myself be inspired by that music, make some kind of echo-jam in that vein and record it together with Øystein in our rehearsal space. We got really inspired, and I really feel that we managed to utilize our instruments, my Terry Riley-organ, Øystein’s Farfisa and our tape-echo to their full extent."

Just exclusively premiered via The Obelisk,

the song is now available on all digital services at

Full Earth creates entrancing organ and synth-laden soundscapes anchored by tight rhythmic grooves. As arpeggiated keys pass and interlock with one another, a compelling and hypnotic picture reveals itself to the listener gradually. With a deep connection and love for minimalist music, heavy stoner rock ala Sleep, High on Fire and Elder and the electronic avant-garde, the Full Earth- sphere circles in on fuzzed out riffs, sonic experimentalism and noise music. Broadly speaking, Full Earth is equal parts heavy progressive rock and experimental music. Cloud Sculptors is a monumental album running 80+ minutes in which the band explores every facet of their musical interests: massive riffs, intricate and driving rhythms, swirling organs and ambient passages.

Cloud Sculptors will be released March 15th on double clear LP (including download) and on CD via Stickman Records, pre-order your album copy now at


Album Line-Up:

Øystein Aadland - farfisa organ, yamaha yc30 organ, mellotron, synthesizer

Ask Vatn Strøm - guitars

Simen Wie - electric bass, additional guitar

Eskild Myrvoll - additional guitar, korg MS-20 synthesizer, noise

Ingvald Vassbø - drums, yamaha yc30 organ


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