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EVERDAWN : 'Venera' - New Jersey symphonic metallers sign to Frontiers for new album.


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New Jersey symphonic metal outfit Everdawn have signed to Frontiers and will release a new album entitled ‘Venera’ on 8th December. A first single and lyric video from it for the song ‘Cassiopeia’ are available from today.

“It's fascinating to think about the fine line between confidence and arrogance and who it is that gets to decide when we veer too far towards the latter," state the band. “How much of ourselves are we allowed to put on a pedestal? Most of us try to find a balance between self-respect and pride, and this song is all about using the myth of Queen Cassiopeia as an allegory for exploring the relationship between the two. How far do we go when it comes to the belief in our own power before the world tries to take it away, and how far before we lose everything and everyone dear to us for the sake of our pride? Like Queen Cassiopeia, we must learn from her and reflect upon whether we are willing to reap the consequences of our hubris - and also watch as others suffer by the same hand.”

Everdawn was originally formed in 2014 as Midnight Eternal with Boris Zaks (drums), Richard Fischer (guitars), Dan Prestup (drums) and Mike LePond (bass) among its founder members. They released a self-titled debut album two years later and promoted it on tours of North America with Queensryche and Europe with Therion. They subsequently brought Russia-born Canadian singer Alina Gavrilenko into the line-up, who brought a full-blown energetic vocal approach into their new material. Signalling a fresh beginning, they changed their name to Everdawn.

Their first album as Everdawn, ‘Cleopatra’, was recorded, mixed and mastered by Dan Swano (Opeth, Evergrey, Omnium Gatherum) prior to the pandemic but not released until March 2021, following which LePond’s commitments to Symphony X (his main band) led to him being replaced by Alan D'Angelo prior to a European tour as support for Michael Schenker.

Written while on that tour, ‘Venera’ was recorded in late 2022 with Jacob Hansen (Volbeat, Amaranthe, Pretty Maids) on production duties in his own studio, working his magic on the soaring guitar solos of Fischer and Gavrilenko’s truly unique voice. Everdawn prove here that they are a force to be reckoned with.

Everdawn Album



1 Cassiopeia

2 Century Black

3 Silver Lining

4 Karmic Partner

5 Northern Star

6 Justify The Means

7 The Promise

8 Crimson Dusk And Silver Dawn

9 Venera

10 Orion’s Belt

11 Images Everlasting

12 Samsara

13 Truer Words Ever Spoken

14 Beneath The Well

15 Century Black (acoustic version) : Japan only bonus track



Alina Gavrilenko - vocals

Richard Fischer - guitars

Alan D'Angelo - bass

Dan Prestup - drums

Boris Zaks - keyboards



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