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Escape Music Announces Atack debut album title "Nine Lives".


Release Date: 24th November 2023


Escape Music has the great pleasure to announce the release date for the long-awaited Atack debut album title "Nine Lives"!! - 24th November 2023

The Vinyl's will be limited edition to 200 copies in colour “BLACK” and 100 copies in colour "WHITE"! all will be numbered 1-200 and 1-100 also will include hand hand-signed postcard by the band!!

Atack’s founder member and lead guitarist Keith Atack has a long pedigree in the rock music scene. He grew up during the sixties and was influenced from an early age by bands like The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Yardbirds and then on to Jimmy Page and Ritchie Blackmore. He has also toured with many pop acts like Bonnie Tyler, Rick Astley and many others. He has a rock/funk/soul style as well as a jazz and blues influence.

He is joined by band members that also have strong roots in the rock scene such as Bob Richards on drums who has rubbed shoulders with members of bands like Iron Maiden, Survivor, Asia and Shy. Bassist Chris Childs is well respected and is the bass player with UK stalwarts “Thunder/Lonerider/Tyketto”, he is an ideal addition to the line-up along with seasoned vocalist Lee Small (Shy/Phenomena/Lionheart and many more). Finishing off the quintet is Nick Foley whose keyboard prowess is ever-present throughout the album. The sound of the Hammond for which he is known gives the whole album a feel of Deep Purple and Rainbow with a true classic British Rock sound.

“Nine Lives” is an exciting addition to the escape music roster and available in limited edition vinyl and CD formats, something very much to look forward to.

Atack Album

Vinyl Side A

1- Dead Man’s Boots (5:25)

2- Nine Lives (4:36)

3- The Seven Seas (5:27)

4- Remember or forget (5:11)

5- Like a twister blowing through (4:26)

Vinyl Side B

1- New Addiction (4:22)

2- Stone cold (3:26)

3- Poison Water (4:31)

4- This house (4:42)

5 - The end of the world (4:30)

CD tracklist:

01 Dead Man’s Boots (5:25)

02 Nine Lives (4:36)

03 The Seven Seas (5:27)

04 Remember or forget (5:11)

05 Like a twister blowing through (4:26)

06 New Addiction (4:22)

07Stone cold (3:26)

08 Poison Water (4:31)

09 This house (4:42)

10 The end of the world (4:30)

11 Lie to me Bonus track for the CD

Produced by Keith Atack

Mixed by Fredrik Folkare

Executive Producer Khalil Turk for Escape Music Ltd.

Atack Records 1
Atack Record 2

Atack is:

Lee Small: Lead vocals (Phenomena/Lionheart/Sweet)

Keith Atack: Guitars (Bonnie Tyler/David Cassidy)

Chris Childs: Bass (Thunder/Lonerider/Tyketto)

Bob Richards: Drums (Asia/Overland/AC/DC/Shy)

Nick Foley: Keyboards

Escape Music Ltd


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