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Escape Music Announce Bob Catley - The Tower On Vinyl And CD.

The Tower Photo


Escape Music has the pleasure to announce the re-release of much-loved vocalist Bob Catley (Magnum/Avantasia) “The Tower“ album on Vinyl and CD with new artwork by Rodney Matthews.

The Vinyl will be double Vinyl limited edition of 500 copies only, “Camouflage Green” and “Green Transparent” colour, all will be numbered 1-500, 180g Audiophile Vinyl, and 1000 CDs only all will be numbered 001 to 1000

Bob Catley - The Tower

Release Date: 20th September 2024

CD Catalogue No: ESM390

CD Bar Code: 5031281003904

Vinyl catalogue No: ESMV1021

Vinyl Barcode: 5031281010216




Side A

01. Dreams 6:46

02. Scream 7:35

03. Far Away 6:03

Side B

01. Deep Winter 5:27

02. Fire And Ice 5:36

03. Madrigal 6:45

Side C

01. Steel 4:59

02. The Tower 6:33

03. Fear of the Dark 6:31

04. Epilogue (instrumental) 1:54

Side D

01. Just Like an Arrow (live) 3:53

02. Lonely Night (live) 3:59

03. On a Storyteller's Night (live) 4:48


01. Dreams 6:46

02. Scream 7:35

03. Far Away 6:03

05. Deep Winter 5:27

06. Fire And Ice 5:36

07. Madrigal 6:45

08. Steel 4:59

00. The Tower 6:33

10. Fear of the Dark 6:31

11. Epilogue (instrumental) 1:54


01. Just Like an Arrow (live) 3:53

02. Lonely Night (live) 3:59

03. On a Storyteller's Night (live) 4:48

Musicians are:

Bob Catley: Lead vocals and Backing Vocals

Gary Hughes: Keyboards,Bass Guitar andBacking Vocals (ten/solo)

Vinny Burns: Guitars (Dare/ten/Ultravox)

Greg Morgan: Drums (ten)

Recorded at Startrack Studios,Manchester.

Additional Engineering by Neil Amison at Startrack and Tim at Gracieland.

Mixed and engineered by Ray Brophy. at Gracieland, Rochdale.

Mastered by John Blamire at The Digital Audio Company.


Born in Aldershot on 11 September 1947, Catley's family moved to the Tile Cross area of Birmingham when he was young.

He went on to attend the nearby Central Grammar School for Boys (Birmingham) and left to start an apprenticeship at the GPO before deciding on a musical career shortly after meeting similarly minded individuals at college.

Whilst at college he joined several bands, such as The Smokestacks (Jeff Clark-guitar, Ron Savage-guitar, Derek Danks-bass & Brian Worrell-drums, Life and Clearwater). His first professional band was when he joined local outfit The Capitol Systems. The initial line-up was Bob Catley (vocals) Paul Sargent (guitar) Paul Whitehouse (bass), Dave Bailey (keyboards) and Bob Moore (drums). Shortly afterward they changed their name to Paradox, inspired by a science-fiction novel. A one-off deal was arranged with Mercury after Paradox had come to the attention of Francis Rossi and Rick Parfitt. The tracks were "Ever Since I Can Remember", backed with "Goodbye Mary". In addition, they recorded "Mary Colinto" and "Somebody Save Me". All of these songs were written by Dave Morgan. Paradox played festivals in the Netherlands and Italy before splitting up upon their return to the UK in 1970.

Formed in 1972, Magnum throughout the next 16 years consisted mainly of Bob Catley on vocals and Tony Clarkin on guitar. Magnum began as the house band at Birmingham's famous Rum Runner night club (later the home of Duran Duran). They began to develop their own style by playing Clarkin's songs at a residency at The Railway Inn, in Birmingham's Curzon Street, in 1976. Joining Clarkin and Catley were drummer Kex Gorin and bassist Dave Morgan (later a member of ELO). Their most notable success during these early years was the Jeff Glixman produced Chase The Dragon (1982) which reached No. 17 in the UK, and included several songs that would be mainstays of the band's live set, notably ‘Soldier of the Line’, ‘Sacred Hour’ and ‘The Spirit’.

Their breakthrough album came in 1985 with On a Storyteller's Night which featured the single ‘Just Like an Arrow’. This success continued in the following years with the Roger Taylor (Queen) produced Vigilante in 1986, the top 5 album Wings of Heaven in 1988, and the Keith Olsen produced Goodnight L.A. reaching No. 9 in the UK album charts in 1990.

Subsequently, Clarkin decided to maintain a tighter control, and after their initial mainstream success, the band lost their major label backing and returned to a more personal level of production.

This finally found the band splitting and the formation of Hard Rain in 1995, which saw Clarkin pursue a more Pop orientated direction with a band that included Sue McCloskey on lead vocals. This new direction didn’t sit well with Catley, and after a headline performance at The Gods in the late 90s, a conversation with Bruce Mee of Now & Then Records saw Catley agree with a decision which eventually led to his debut solo album, ‘The Tower’. This release was completely written by Gary Hughes of Ten, with the writing completely decided to be in the vein of classic Magnum. The album itself was recorded by various members of Ten, including the amazing Vinny Burns (Dare) on guitar. On release, the many positive reviews concluded that the release of ‘The Tower’ had succeeded beyond its wildest imagination…..and Bob Catley’s solo career had been launched with amazing success!!

With a lyrical intricacy and majestic pomp, songs like ‘Far Away, ‘Fear of the Dark, ‘Madrigal’ and ‘Deep Winter’ take you back to that glorious period of Magnum between ‘Chase The Dragon’ and ‘Wings Of Heaven’ whilst hard melodic rockers such as ‘Scream’, ‘Dreams’ and title track ‘The Tower’ show just what Magnum would have sounded like if they’d gone a little bit harder.

Another absolutely brilliant album that totally deserves to be filed alongside those mid-period Magnum classics.


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