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Elles Bailey Heralds the Release of Her Upcoming EP With a Brand-New Single & Video.

Elles Bailey © Laura Schneider
Elles Bailey © Laura Schneider

Elles Bailey releases the second single ‘Lean on My Love’ from her eagerly anticipated EP, ‘The Night Owl and the Lark’ (scheduled for release on 23rd February, 2024.

Elles draws inspiration from iconic songwriters like Carole King, her latest work choosing to showcase a different facet of her artistry—less rocky and more soulful, yet unmistakably Elles Bailey. Reflective, yet beautifully uplifting, this musical offering is designed to nourish the soul. Award-winning in Blues & Americana, Elles Bailey continues to defy genre constraints and pigeonholing once again.

The single ‘Lean on My Love’’ is a sensational slice of prime Elles, showcasing the range, depth and smoky richness of her vocals, not to mention their mellifluous flow and fullness of feeling. They take centre stage in a lyrically rich song, aided and abetted by a tight-knit studio band, drawn from the groove-infused talents of Redtenbacher’sFunkestra who provide its alluring melody, enhanced by BGV from Kim Keyes.

Elles explains the origins of the new single: “During 'lockdown season one' as I like to call it, a writer from America (Mike Morgan) reached out to me and said that he had a bunch of lyrics he’d written with his co-writers and would I like to put some music to them. I was intrigued - I had never worked as a writer in this way before, but as I had a lot of time on my hands I asked him to send them over to me and I was really drawn to the lyrics of “Lean on my Love”.

So for the first time ever sat down and composed the music and melody inspired by reading the lyrics and I only edited the lyrics a little bit. It’s the one and only time I’ve ever worked like this and it was a really interesting experience to write this way. To this day I have not met any of the lyrical writers however Mike and I talk a lot via email”

Elles' studio band for the single includes Stefan Redtenbacher on bass; Tony Remy on guitar; Ross Stanley on Hammond and piano; Mike Sturgis on drums; and Kim Keyes on backing vocals.

Check out the video to Lean on My Love, filmed in 2020, during social distancing whilst Elles was pregnant.

Written by Elles Bailey, Jeff Elliott, Robert George, and Mike Morgan,'Lean on My Love' is now available for download or streaming on all digital platforms.

Elles’ EP ‘The Night Owl and the Lark’ is now open for pre-orders, with CDs and vinyl editions becoming available in mid-December.

Visit Elles' website for information on her remaining shows this year.



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