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HEART LINE - Original Seeds (EP)


limited to 500 copies only and will be only available only via from early December


Oh, the glorious 80's...! Those were the years of innovations and great hopes and for music lovers, an endless wave of Rock, Hard-Rock, Heavy Metal, Hair Metal and AOR fabulous bands who could capture audiences instantly with powerful emotions. In essence, it was the reign of flashiness, big choruses, effervescent guitar solos and above all the decade for melody.

It is no secret that Yvan Guillevic the founder of Heart Line grew up nurtured by these fascinating music influences. They made him the outstanding musician we know who now rocks his own guitar on the AOR wave. If you ask him, he will tell you they are actually his DNA, the raisond’être of Heart Line! With 2 album releases in the verve of melodic rock “Back in the Game” & “Rock ‘N’ Roll Queen’ that were both acclaimed by the Int’l press, the band thought it was fair to pay a sincere tribute to the great bands of this fabulous era.

The 5 titles of this EP are a fine selection of some of the most outstanding music AOR material of the 80’s from various countries, UK, Sweden and the US. Forget about mainstream hits! Through their immense qualities, these 5 tracks prove enough how breathtaking the music level was in the 80's and how much the bands deserved recognition. Who knows? May be some of you will discover band names that had slipped under your radar and yet deserved!?

The fantastic 80’s retro artwork once again was designed by Stan W. Decker.

Heartline Album

Track list “Original Seeds”:

1. Falling (TOBRUK cover)

2. Runaway (DAKOTA cover)

3. Front Line (AVIATOR cover)

4. Living On A Knife Edge (VIRGINIA WOLF cover)

5. Go Easy (ALIEN cover)



Emmanuel Creis (vocals)

Yvan Guillevic (guitars)

Jorris Guilbaud (keyboards)

Dominique Braud (bass)

Walter Français (drums)



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