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DRAGONY sign with SPV / Steamhammer.


DRAGONY sign with SPV/Steamhammer

New studio album scheduled for October 2024 release 

First single and video by the end of April


Symphonic Metal Band DRAGONY from Vienna, Austria is excited to announce their new label deal with SPV/Steamhammer!

After four albums, one EP and more than 15 years in the international metal scene, the Austrian sextet has signed a new record deal with SPV/Steamhammer in advance of the upcoming release of the band's fifth album.

Dragony states: "As a renowned label with a forty year history in the metal business, SPV/Steamhammer has seen and done it all, and is still going strong today! Some of our favorite bands are or were signed to SPV, and we've enjoyed their releases greatly over the years, so we are thrilled to write the next chapter in the Dragony story together with SPV. We've got a lot of great things cooking behind the scenes right now, and we can't wait to unleash them upon the metal world in cooperation with SPV!"

Head of Steamhammer Olly Hahn adds: "Dragony is a hardworking band and has countless fans all over the world. Dedication and persistence are trademarks for this sextett from Austria and we are ready to start the next chapter together with them."



Chris Auckenthaler: Drums

Herbert Glos: Bass

Manuel Hartleb: Keyboards

Matvei Plekhanov: Guitars

Simon Saito: Guitars

Siegfried Samer: Vocals


For more information, please visit:






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