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AUTUMN'S CHILD - Tellus Timeline


"Tellus Timeline" will see the light of day via Pride & Joy Music world-wide (excl. Japan) on January 19th, 2024!


Swedish AOR/ Melodic Rock group Autumn’s Child is back with the fifth album ”Tellus Timeline”! This work contains eleven songs in the vein of the previous albums however this time with some songs with a bit harder edge!

“I think this is our best album so far”, says singer and founder Mikael Erlandsson. Autumn’s Child have their own unique way to do their music with an intent to

have a lot of different styles on each release. “Both me and Mikael are huge Slade and Sweet fans from the 70’s. The track ”Come and get it” is pure glam and was a blast to record”, says co-producer Claes Andreasson.

Magnus Rosén, former bass player of Hammerfall, again is heard on “Tellus Timeline”. Some of the new songs like the first single ”Gates of Paradise” are harder and with a Nordic touch by the help of Swedish opera singer Karin Funk.

“I have always wanted to do a duet with my old friend Jim Jidhed (solo/Alien) - and now we finally did it!”, adds Mikael, “the song “Juliet” is the Westcoast/ AOR

gem on the album where our voices really match each other in a nice way.

The opener ”A strike of lightning” really hits it off with a lot of hooks and that special guitar sound that is the trademark of guitar virtuoso Pontus Åkesson (Moon Safari).”



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