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Atomic Life (former members of The Dillinger Escape Plan, Ho9909, Thoughtcrimes, Glassjaw and NK) Release New Single "All In Bad Taste"

Photo: Julian Bracero
Photo: Julian Bracero

"All the hallmarks of the Yeah Yeah Yeah's from sludgy guitar riffs, indie rock dance rhythms and a Karen O type vocal. It has an almost Deftones feel musically but with dancier drums. It's angular post punk and fun so the comparison shouldn't scare you off."- Blood Makes Noise

"A gigantic wall-of-metallic-sound juggernaut, propelled by diabolic guitar/bass riffage, enraged with cast-iron drumming, and inflamed with Adea Frances‘s libidinous high-voltage vocals. Think Deftones having a noise-wrestling fight with Mastodon with Evanescence‘s charismatic hell-cat as ref. Yes, dynamite! This is only the band’s first hit, but they sure can split atoms." - TURN UP THE VOLUME


Atomic Life is a supergroup made up of pillars of the New York hardcore world. The Long Island based alternative rock band features the incomparable world-known drummer Billy Rymer (The Dillinger Escape Plan, Ho9909, Thoughtcrimes), Cody Hosza (Glassjaw) on guitar, and Michael Sadis (NK) on bass. Joining these titans is Adea Frances; a fresh talent and multi-disciplined performance artist who compliments Atomic Life's high-energy songs with her powerful vocals and haunting lyrics.

The band's third single "All In Bad Taste" is out now and follows the release of the previous single "Hit Me First" and "Incense and Aries".

The band says, "“All in Bad Taste" plunges into the depths of darkness. I guess its my twisted homage to Nietzsche's philosophical abyss. It delves into the grotesque realm of aging, plastic beauty, and the haunting absence of divinity, painting a harrowing portrait of humanity's darkest desires."

Atomic Life will be playing at NYC's Map Room at Bowery Electric on May 11 with In The Middle, Sucko and The New Pollution. Tickets


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