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ALTERIUM Premieres Lyric Video For Haunting Power Metal Ballad "Crystalline"!

photo: Mattia Gianelli
photo: Mattia Gianelli

The pre-sale is available at:


March 8, 2024 will see new power metal frontrunners ALTERIUM, the up-and-coming, Italian power metal quintet led by Nicoletta Rosellini (ex. Kalidia, Walk in Darkness), release their hotly-anticipated, debut album "Of War And Flames" with AFM Records. The pre-sale is available at:

After the band already shared a series of captivating album tracks such as "Siren's Call", "Drag Me To Hell", an epic cover version of Sabaton's "Bismarck", their powerful title track "Of War And Flames", or just recently, "Crossroads Inn" - a metal tribute inspired by the popular medieval tavern simulator video game - today, ALTERIUM are premiering an official lyric video for the song "Crystalline"!

Singer and songwriter Nicoletta Rosellini tells us about the song:

“’Crystalline’ shows another shade of Alterium’s music path. This powerful power metal ballad delves deep into the heartache of losing a loved one, as memories become eternalized in the icy embrace of time. It’s an emotional song that I’m sure will touch the soul of many of you.”

Born in late 2022, ALTERIUM consists of vocalist Nicoletta and former bandmates Paolo Campitelli (guitars) and Dario Gozzi (drums) from Kalidia, soon joined by Alessandro Mammola (guitars, also in Draconicon) and Luca Scalabrin (bass, also in Altair).

After Kalidia parted ways, Nicoletta decided to take a different approach and finally unleashes her whole potential as both a singer and a songwriter. Produced by Lars Rettkowitz (Freedom Call), and featuring 9 original classy power metal tracks including the cover of “Bismarck”, "Of War and Flames" turns out to be a triumph of catchy choruses, terrific vocal lines, powerful sounds, strong guitar riffs, explosive drums, majestic choirs and captivating grooves, all skillfully mastered by Achim Koehler. Pre-order the album now at:



"Of War And Flames" track listing:

01. Drag Me To Hell

02. Siren's Call

03. Of War And Flames

04. Firebringer

05. Crossroads Inn

06. Shadowsong

07. Crystalline

08. Heroine Of The Sea

09. Chasing the Sun

10. Bismarck



Nicoletta Rosellini – vocals

Paolo Campitelli – guitars

Alessandro Mammola – guitars

Luca Scalabrin – bass

Dario Gozzi – drums


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