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When Rivers Meet - 'Aces Are High'

When Rivers Meet

It’s the confidence. That swaggering, arena Rock feel of opener, ‘Infected’, you’ll want to ‘Play My Game’ when you hear the baby Led Zep intention here, it’s good to hear Aaron take the lead vocal as ‘Trail To Avalon’ simmers, then explodes into Grace’s voice for the chorus.

They don’t give up the kernel of loveliness that brought them here though, the harmonised voices at the head of ‘By Your Side’ shows that, the organic acoustic and gorgeous harmonising of ‘Golden’ underlines it.

Grace and Aaron have always seemed genuinely lovely and sweetly delighted whenever I’ve spoken to them, just moving the friends -can-be-paid-for-helping-us stage and holding their success very light. This is them accepting they’re good and stretching themselves musically, it’s a treat.

Sometimes it doesn’t work as well, ‘The Secret’ is an oft-heard Blues rocker, but the huge chorus of the title track shows just how big they now think. And finishing with the fuzzy stomp of ‘5 Minutes Until Midnight’, massive chorus ready to stun, is a really good idea.

This is simply brilliant, and a lovely surprise – we need more of those at the moment. Grace and Aaron are unusually brilliant, we should hold them to our hearts. They hold all the Aces...


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